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AdWords Reports in Other Languages

When we started Optmyzr we didn’t imagine that in less than a year we would have customers in more than 50 countries using our tools 🙂 To better service our non-English speaking customers, we recently launched the option to translate reports in other languages. This is the first step we’ve taken towards localizing our tools for non-English speaking markets. This feature is still in beta and we would love to get feedback! Currently, the reports are available in the following languages:

  1. English
  2. Deutsch
  3. French
  4. Nederlands
  5. Italiano
  6. Espanol
  7. Brazilian Portuguese
  8. Hungarian
  9. Polish

You can request support for a new language here.

How does this work?

  1. When you load a report, you’ll see an option to select a language from the drop down at the top.
  2. Expand this, and you’ll see a list of languages that are currently available from which you can pick one.
  3. If your language is not there in the list, click on ‘Request support for another language’ and let us know your requirements.
  4. The option to change the language is also available in the preview mode.


Example: If you select Polish as a language, the report will look like this:

Geetanjali Tyagi :