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Optmyzr Aug 13, 2018

Matilde Mualim

At Optmyzr we are constantly making updates and improvements to our tools, and though big changes will continue to be communicated via email, we feel some of the smaller updates are best communicated in a more compact and contextual way. We have now started using Beamer’s in-app changelog for this so that you can keep up-to-date with all our changes while keeping your inbox and the Optmyzr user interface clean and uncluttered.

We decided to use Beamer because it integrates well with our site and helps us communicate better with our customers. Beamer is a smart and easy-to-use newsfeed and changelog to announce relevant news, new features and product updates. It’s a great way to keep our users informed about small yet important updates.

At Optmyzr we value your time and know just how important it is to have everything in one place, and we hope this customized newsfeed will help you learn about all our new features in a more effective manner. And since we are always looking to give you the best and most useful information, the Feedback and Reactions feature in Beamer allows you to tell us what you think about these updates, and through this feedback we can continue to tailor our solutions to your needs.


Matilde Mualim

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