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Bid Management Made Easy For Google Shopping Ads

Frederick Vallaeys


We’ve been pretty excited about the launch of Google Shopping ads since they’re a great way for retailers to highlight their products’ photos and prices. Unfortunately when running Shopping ads for thousands of products, bid management using the AdWords interface is a full time job: not because it’s difficult, but simply because the interface is excruciatingly slow when managing many products that are split across many campaigns and ad groups.

After confirming that this was a real problem with some other PPC folks at the HeroConf conference last month, we started building a bid management tool for Shopping Ads and today we’re excited to reveal it to the world.

[Shopping Bidder for AdWords][1]
Optmyzr’s Shopping Bidder Tool for AdWords makes setting the correct CPC for your shopping ads a quick and easy process that can easily be done for thousands of product groups in a matter of mere minutes.

Here’s how our Shopping Bidder works:

  1. You get all the biddable items for your entire account on a single page.
  2. You can filter the view to see just ROI positive, ROI negative, or items with no impressions or you can apply a custom filter using your own criteria like clicks, cost, impressions, etc.
  3. You can change bids in bulk for all the items that meet your filter criteria, for example, lower all bids 10% for ROI negative items with at least 10 clicks in the past 30 days.
  4. With one click, you can send the new bids to AdWords where they go live instantly.


This is much, much faster than doing the same in AdWords which has a few shortcomings:

  • You cannot see all biddable items from your entire account on one page. You have to open up every ad group one by one.
  • There are no filters for product groups so you have to manually find items that meet your criteria for needing a bid change.
  • To change a bid it takes several clicks to expand the product groups until you get to the level where bids can be set.


Initially this tool will � make bid management for Shopping ads a lot faster but when it becomes this easy, you’ll also find yourself splitting up your product groups ever more granularly, and that should further improve results.

We’re really excited to have this ready for our users today and we hope you’ll send us feedback about how we can make this even more useful for you.