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Optmyzr Sep 02, 2014

Frederick Vallaeys

Now that Labor Day and the slow summer months are behind us, I’m ramping up for a fairly busy conference schedule that will take me to Las Vegas and NY several times in the next month.

I’m particularly excited to announce that we just signed on to sponsor the Internet Marketing Association’s annual event in Las Vegas: Impact14 from September 24-26.

Optmyzr Sponsors IMA 2014

I’ll be co-hosting an evening keynote at the beautiful CityCenter conference center, together with my former colleague from Google, Joe DeMike.

If you’ve been thinking about going to a conference, here are the three I recommend. They all have very different audiences so I’ll also include why I like each one:

  • Impact14: This conference has a smaller audience but it has more top executives from big brands than any of the others. And because it has attendees who are used to nice things, it has the best venue, best food, and best entertainment.
  • SMX East: This is the best show for SEM practitioners. All the best SEM people are hosting panels and sharing their tips and secrets. I’m doing a panel with SEL newcomer, Russ Savage, and old-time friends Steve Hammer, and Matt VanWagner.
  • PubCon Las Vegas: This is the oldest show I do and it has some of the most experienced practitioners leading panels. It’s the best one of the 3 if you like a lot of SEO with a bit of SEM mixed in too. � I’ll be hosting a Master’s Class where I’ll talk about Quality Score, account automation and anything else that might be of interest.

Hope you’ll be able to join me at one of these 3 great events!


Frederick Vallaeys

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