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Conversion Lasso – Increase Sales & Traffic

Geetanjali Tyagi

Co-founder & COO


This optimization automatically suggests converting/high-performing search terms that should be added as keywords in the account. This helps drive more sales and relevant traffic by pairing the search terms with the right ads and bids in the form of keywords.

It is difficult to add all possible keyword variations to a campaign when it is built out. The search terms report is a good way to find new keywords to add to your account because they are already validated. You can see how the search term is performing before adding it. The advantage of adding search terms as keywords is that you have more control over the ad with which it shows, and you can set a different bid than the keyword that triggered it. The probability that your ad will show more often for that search term increases when it is added as a keyword.

How does the Conversion Lasso help?

Optmyzr’s Conversion Lasso analyzes the search terms report from AdWords to suggest new keywords that should be added to your account. We go through the entire list of search terms, do the number crunching, apply logic and only suggest the search terms we think would be good to add as keywords. These are search terms that have good conversion or clickthrough rate (CTR) statistics. By default, the match type in which the search term will be added is set to phrase but you can change it to broad or exact as well.