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Crush Your Inventory-Based Campaigns Today with Campaign Automator

Jul 02, 2019
Campaign Automator

Frederick Vallaeys

Co-Founder & CEO



Pay-Per-Click seems to undergo a revolutionary change every 15 minutes or so these days. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but advancements in automation, AI and machine learning are driving dramatic changes for PPC pros, and we know it can be difficult to keep up with the changes.

“Automation” can be a frightening word for people, possibly indicating one is on a road to their own obsolescence. But at Optmyzr, we see automation (and its cousins, artificial intelligence and machine learning) as empowerment for smart PPC pros who want to become PPC rockstars. 

Today, our view of automation is manifested in our newest product to hit the market – Optmyzr Campaign Automator. We formally introduced this standalone SaaS-based software offering via a news release and social media. Campaign Automator is ideal for building and maintaining campaigns based on a feed of structured data (think about inventory feed and the value starts to become quite clear).

Campaign Automator is an exciting new tool in the PPC expert’s toolkit, and it dovetails elegantly with our broader PPC Management Suite. Campaign automator allows you to build and maintain PPC campaigns, particularly for inventory-specific initiatives. Consider businesses such as auto dealerships, travel agencies, home goods retailers, or eCommerce programs that have constantly changing, deep attribute-based aspects that impact what, how, when, and to whom you market. 

A sudden jump in SUV or truck inventory means a car dealership will want to reach those buyers actively searching for specific attributes about heavy duty vehicles. You’ll want to advertise only those vehicles that are in stock or be more aggressive on perhaps those that are overstocked. Similarly an eCommerce provider that has a surge (or slump) in inventory for very specific product sets may have a sudden need to sell more window fans and patio furniture as opposed to last week’s surge in loveseats and ottomans. 

Campaign Automator at a glance

Here’s a quick view of how campaign automator works: We start with specific templates for the business or product type. It builds all the necessary elements, including campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and extensions. 

Simply connect your data source with one of our templates. Your feed could be an inventory spreadsheet in Google Sheets or a Merchant Feed or multiple other sources such as an XML feed, FTP or even Amazon S3. 

A really intuitive UI makes setting up campaigns a snap.

Then continue through the setup process to easily define the campaign, keywords and ads – all of which is template driven. 

Campaign Automator also allows you to set up very specific inventory-based conditions to help manage the data in the spreadsheet.

You can manage campaigns based on any attribute that is part of your source data – product type, color, discount amounts, geographies, and many others. These conditions can automate pauses in ad groups, keywords and ads when certain thresholds are met, such as inventory = 0 or a specific color is out of stock or you’ve run through the inventory you want to discount.

Here’s an example of how one can quickly create dynamic PPC ads for a car dealership.  

Integration with other Optmyzr tools

Yes, it’s standalone – but Campaign Automator integrates with other Optmyzr tools, such as Rule Engine and Bid Management. It even integrates with Google Smart Bidding tools. The result is a powerful set of tools that allows the PPC pro to get campaigns up and running faster, make bulk changes quickly and accurately, and advertise only those items that meet specific criteria. 

Campaign Automator also provides significant manual override, allowing the PPC pro to put his or her expertise to work quickly and easily. You’ll get better ads – faster – when you take advantage of the automation and unprecedented control. PPC pros can cut out wasted ad spend and gain flexible, powerful reporting to make smarter decisions, faster. 

Automation and your future

We’ve been talking about automation a lot over the last several months, because it has such a tremendous impact on our ability to market smarter, faster and more effectively. It’s also important to note that we don’t envision a future where machines do everything in PPC. But by automating tasks and the busy work of search marketing, we encourage PPC pros to up their strategic game and demonstrate a more holistic value to the organization. 

Our automations help you take advantage of the advancements happening at Google and Bing – but they also help you focus less on the tasks and more on the strategy. Machines are great. People are great. But people + machines is always better. 

Ride the wave of automation. It’s not a threat. It’s an opportunity.