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Customize AdWords Reports with Comments

Geetanjali Tyagi

Co-Founder & COO



After creating AdWords reports, account managers spend a lot of time adding observations that help their customers make sense of the data. We understand that the commentary that goes with the reports is as important as the reports themselves. To make this easy for our users, we’ve added a comment feature to reports. You can now add comments to reports after they have been generated and then download the report as a PDF, email it or share a link with the comments intact.

How is this feature different from the text widget in the report designer?

The text widget lets you add text while creating the report in the report designer. This works when you want to include text that will remain consistent each time the report is generated. To record observations that are specific to a particular month or week, the comments feature is more useful because the comments don’t become part of the report template. They are specific to that report and you don’t have to edit the template each time.

To use this feature, follow these steps:

1. Click on the report you want to add comments to on this page in your Optmyzr account

2. In the report, hover on top of any widget and it’ll show you a highlighted box to add comments

3. After adding comments, download the report as a PDF, email it as a PDF or, share a link to the report

We’re adding a feature that will let you save the reports with comments in your Optmyzr account. You can edit the comments later or, maintain a history of your observations for future reference.

Blog-Comments in Reports

This feature is available in the Pro and Enterprise plans. Also, available on the old Gold plan.