Deconstructing the Latest from Google Marketing Live: Optmyzr on Location in San Jose

Optmyzr Jul 08, 2018

Team Optmyzr

Among all of the great digital marketing conferences of the year, Google Marketing Live is one that sets the tone and topics for all conferences that follow. Intense analysis, debate and optimism flow from Google Marketing Live, because the event showcases the next iteration of search marketing and the latest insight from the people who make search happen.

Google SVP of Ads & Commerce Sridhar Ramaswamy keynotes this year’s event, providing a first look at the latest tools and innovations that Google envisions will be highly transformative for businesses of all types. Sridhar will also analyze trends that are shaping search – both from within Google as well as the broader search universe.

Optmyzr Co-Founder Frederick Vallaeys will have a command view at the event on Tuesday, July 10, as he takes part in a live-on-the-scene panel discussion with other industry experts. Fred will join fellow search experts� for a live-streamed discussion to deconstruct Sridhar’s keynote and provide their unique perspectives of all developments to help search pros get the most out of the event.

Check out all of the keynote details to register for the live stream and then check back on this blog after Google Marketing Live for Fred’s first-hand account of the event and his key takeaways next week.


Team Optmyzr

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