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Optmyzr Aug 25, 2014

Frederick Vallaeys

A great way to set yourself or your agency apart when trying to land new SEM clients is to show them that you are AdWords certified. There are many sub-par agencies that say they know AdWords but who really don’t, so having the certification and the agency badge that comes along with it, is a good way to show prospective clients you’re serious about AdWords.

To be AdWords certified, you have to pass 2 exams: AdWords fundamentals and one of the advanced exams, like Advanced Display.

Recently Google asked me to host two live Hangout On Air events to give agencies a crash course to prep for both of these tests. If you’ve been wanting to get your certification but you’re not sure you’re up-to-date with all the latest material, these videos are a great refresher.

Watch the AdWords Fundamentals Video
Prep for the Google AdWords certification program with this crash course to get you ready to pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam.

[Watch the Display Advertising Video][2]
Prep for the certification exam with this crash course to get you ready to pass the AdWords Advanced Display test.

We’re also posting these videos on our [AdWords video tutorials page][3], along with some of our best other videos that explain our tools, and explain how to use AdWords best.

[2]: for the Google AdWords [3]:


Frederick Vallaeys

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