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Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon: Manage Them All with Optmyzr

Aug 20, 2019
Optmyzr PPC Strategy

Frederick Vallaeys

Co-Founder & CEO



Running PPC programs used to be relatively simple, with essentially one major platform to consider. Those who mastered what was then called “AdWords” could focus nearly all of their attention on Google – maybe showing occasional love to tier-2 search platforms. 

Seemingly overnight, others achieved “powerhouse” search marketing status, including Bing, Facebook, and now Amazon. 

Over the past 5-10 years, these major players have gained significant share of the universe of commerce-related searches. All are now locked in fierce battle to connect people with the information and products they are seeking through billions of searches every day.

The Optmyzr team has worked hard to provide a platform that allows PPC pros to optimize ads in each of the leading platforms with ease and confidence. Today we’re excited to launch Amazon Ads Management within our PPC Management Suite. This new capability will help PPC pros tap into the expansive growth of Amazon’s presence in the search marketing landscape.

Amazon now ranks as the third-largest platform for share of net digital advertising revenue, and it’s gaining ground on Google and Facebook. Amazon is masterful at capturing high-intent search traffic – or even casual browsing traffic – and then driving customers down the funnel. 

Optmyzr Rule Engine, which is a critical component of our full PPC Management Suite, sits at the heart of our foray into Amazon. Using Rule Engine, PPC pros can manage bids and keywords for Amazon Advertising campaigns, while being able to easily toggle ads on and off for rapid campaign response. Prebuilt recipes and one-click optimizations, which are inherent in our full system, are now able to be put to work against Amazon Ads, allowing PPC pros and agencies to broaden their portfolio of services, in-house and agency alike. 

We sought to make a system that would allow PPC pros to turn existing optimization processes into scalable, automated workflows. The recipes noted above make it easy to:

  • Set bids to a recommended bid range
  • Set bids to meet a target ACOS goal
  • Add negative keywords for poor performing search terms
  • Add positive keywords to maximize performance for the terms that convert

Try Optmyzr’s Amazon Functionality – NO RISK

We want to make it easy for you to try Optmyzr’s new Amazon functionality. All you need to do is link your Amazon Advertising account to Optmyzr.  We’ll enable access to our beta on a rolling basis. 

We’re confident PPC pros and agencies can find great value in managing campaigns across multiple platforms from a common system. We continually look for ways to remove complexity and create opportunities for you to run campaigns like a PPC rockstar. 

Amazon is clearly among the fastest-growing ad systems in the marketplace. The upcoming holiday shopping season (yes, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays) will be a make-or-break season as competition for online conversion will continue to escalate. Think of the depth and value you can bring to your stakeholders by optimizing all their digital marketing from a single workspace.