Hourly Day Of Week AdWords Reports Uncover Budget Problems

Optmyzr Aug 23, 2013

Frederick Vallaeys

Sometimes when you’re optimizing a budget constrained campaign, some unexpected things can happen that negate the positive effects of the optimization.

Recently this happened to one of the accounts we’re managing at We had increased bids for high performing keywords and reduced low performing keywords over the past two months.Then we noticed that conversions started to dry up…

Luckily we had the “Account Statistics by Hour of day and Day of week” in Optmyzr labs and when we compared how our cost was distributed in June vs in the last 30 days, it quickly became clear that there used to be two spikes in cost every day and now there was only 1.




This told us that the budget was getting depleted too early in the day (even though we’re using the standard delivery method that is supposed to show ads evenly throughout the day).

Clearly our focus on better performing keywords was causing us to run out of budget before noon every day. And because conversions for this account tend to happen in the afternoon, we weren’t getting good results anymore.

This insight didn’t come to use while looking at the reporting tables in AdWords because tables just aren’t as good at showing trends as charts are. But thanks to Optmyzr, we tracked down this issue in no time flat.


Frederick Vallaeys

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