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How the Rule Engine Makes PPC Management Easier

Frederick Vallaeys

Co-Founder & CEO



We’ve made numerous enhancements to the Rule Engine. So we organized two webinars to show how it can be used to address a variety of use cases.

You can now watch the first Rule Engine webinar where I covered:

  • An overview of the Rule Engine
  • CPA or ROAS bid management with prebuilt recipes
  • Automating your own bid strategy with custom recipes
  • Using custom variables to make more dynamic rules
  • Scaling your work across many accounts with favorite and global recipes
  • How to put rules on auto-pilot

We’ve followed up this introductory webinar with an advanced one.

In this webinar I’ve shown more advanced use cases for the Rule Engine:

  • Building rules using your own custom data
  • Bidding by weather (or another external data source)
  • Using different attribution models and different conversion types