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How to determine a good mobile bid multiplier in AdWords

Optmyzr Jul 05, 2013

Geetanjali Tyagi

Tick tock, tick tock… the clock is ticking and you have only a few days left to upgrade your AdWords campaigns to Enhanced Campaigns! I’ve been advising my clients not to rush the transition since Google gave us 6 months to upgrade but with a forced migration just days away, it’s time to upgrade or face the consequences of letting Google do it for you automatically.

Luckily we have an easy way for you to quickly see how your mobile clicks are performing compared to your desktop and tablet clicks and this can be used to set mobile bid multipliers that make sense.

Take a look at this demo video showing how quick and easy it is to figure out the percent difference in performance between the two segments:



I’m pretty excited about all the cool stuff enhanced campaigns can do. They have evolved quite a bit already since they were introduced and they offer some great benefits like these:

  • set location bid multipliers rather than duplicating campaigns for different regions

  • set different bid strategies at the campaign, ad group or keyword levels to bid exactly the way you want

  • manage sitelinks individually rather than as groups, making it easier to see what works well and change this

  • get free phone call leads from ads with phone extensions shown on desktop

  • set mobile bid multipliers at the ad group level to have better control


Geetanjali Tyagi

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