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How To Win More PPC Clients

Optmyzr May 04, 2016

Frederick Vallaeys

If you’re an agency or PPC consultant, you’re probably always on the lookout� for new clients so I wanted to tell you about a great program I’ve been a part of for several years, “Partners Connect.”� This� program from Google helps agencies host thought leadership events for current and prospective clients. Google provides some goodies and the content via livestream and the partners provide the venue.

This morning I delivered content about 10 ways� to grow a business with online marketing. You can find the recording of the event here.

Here I am at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, right before we went live on the air this morning at 9am PT.

Optmyzr at Google Partners Hangout Studio
Optmyzr CEO Frederick Vallaeys and� Alex Rodrigues, Product Marketing Manager for Google at the Google Studio to� share 10 ways to grow your business with online marketing.

If you’re not already a member, sign up for Google Partners today so that you can host your own event later this year. If you’re looking for an agency or consultant to help with your AdWords campaigns, you can find one who has the Google Partner certification in their directory.


Frederick Vallaeys

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