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The Top 12 Tools 10,000+ Advertisers Used in 2022 to Maximize Their PPC ROI

Juan Carlos Aristimuño

Senior Account Management Lead



With the beginning of a new and exciting year, our Customer Success team, with the help of our analysts, identified the most used and talked about features from our suite of tools during 2022.

Though it’s tough to pick just a few from so many excellent features, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the Optmyzr tools our user base made a staple in their PPC management and optimization workflows last year.

The Best Optimization Tools

1. Get high-performing keyword suggestions with Keyword Lasso.

Since its launch, Keyword Lasso has been one of our customers’ favorite tools for search term management.

In addition to offering you a clean list of great keywords that do not yet exist in your account yet, we now let you get suggestions from the Google Ads Keyword Planner as well! This means you can now see how some search terms you don’t yet have as keywords have performed compared to the competition and the average monthly searches they receive.

⚡️ Pro-tip: Use turbo mode in tandem with custom filters to identify new themes and even get negative keyword ideas.

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2. Identify non-performing keywords easily with Negative Keyword Finder.

This tool has helped some of our customers save thousands of dollars every month! It helps you quickly find negative keywords out of search terms that have not been performing well for the entire account over the past few days and are inefficiently spending your budget.

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3. Allocate campaign budgets effectively with the Optimize Budgets tool.

The popularity of this tool has increased in recent months because it doesn’t only help users plan their budgets smartly, but some also use it as a conversation starter with their customers or stakeholders!

Optimize Budgets will help you reallocate budgets based on goals, and when there’s enough data, it can even project how your performance will change if you’re planning to increase or decrease your campaigns’ budgets.

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4. Build your own automation with the Rule Engine.

Many of our users have turned to the Rule Engine because it gives them much more room to play when compared to other automation techniques like Google Ads’ automated rules. With the Rule Engine we give you the tools to build your own optimizations and automations using your preferred logic.

What are our customers automating with Rule Engine?

The possibilities are endless, but to give you some ideas, this is what most of our users are currently using the Rule Engine for:

  • Adding positive and negative keywords based on search term performance
  • Target CPA & ROAS adjustments for bid optimization
  • Detailed performance monitoring at multiple levels
  • Display placement exclusions
  • Daily Budget updates

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The Best Insight Tools

1. Audit your accounts with the PPC Policy Audits.

Imagine being able to get every opportunity for improvement and information about your account and campaigns in a single report. This is precisely what this tool offers, and most of our users use it to do scheduled reviews for their clients or to prepare an evaluation of their prospect’s accounts to get them onboard.

To keep up with all of the changes in the industry this year. we launched new audits for Responsive Search Ads, Performance Max as well as support for Microsoft Ads accounts.

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2. Check why your PPC performance changed with the PPC Investigator.

This is another tool that year after year appears on the list of most used tools, and we don’t doubt why. With PPC Investigator, you can ask Optmyzr to prepare a full cause chart and root cause analysis to understand performance changes in just minutes. All of this without the need to download or visit multiple reports in Google Ads or Microsoft Ads.

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3. Monitor daily spend and predict future spend with the Spend Projection tool.

One of our favorite things to hear our customers say when we show them this tool is “I’m glad I no longer need to do this manually on a spreadsheet”.

And this is because Spend Projection helps them easily calculate how much their campaigns are likely to spend on a cumulative or daily basis at the end of the month, quarter, year, or any other time range they desire while considering important aspects such as past performance data and seasonality.

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4. Check quality score at the keyword, ad group, campaign, and account level with the Quality Score Tracker.

In recent years, the relevance of Quality Score has been the subject of many debates. If we were to answer that question based on the popularity of our Quality Score Tracker, we can tell you that it all indicates that for our core users, it’s still an important metric!

The reason why our customers like it is so simple: It gives you the Quality Score calculation not only at the keyword level but also at the ad group, campaign, and account level, with each of its components. So after just spending a couple of minutes in the tool, you’ll know exactly what’s left to improve in the account.

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What about eCommerce?

1. Create shopping campaigns faster and keep them in sync with your merchant feed with the Shopping Campaign Builder & Shopping Campaign Refresher.

If you ask our eCommerce customers about their favorite Optmyzr tools, they will surely mention these two. It’s the perfect combo for creating and updating new shopping campaigns quickly and efficiently.

By using both you can build multiple Shopping or Performance Max campaigns with consistent and advanced structures in just seconds, while also automatically keeping them up to date by adding new ad groups, product groups, and even campaigns based on your inventory content.

Shopping Campaign Builder: Read the user guide | Visit the tool

Shopping Campaign Refresher: Read the user guide | Visit the tool

Bonus Tools

1. Check for broken landing pages with the URL Checker.

Imagine having to explain that a quarter of your budget ended up on clicks to a 404 page or an out-of-stock product listing. That’s where the URL Checker comes to the rescue.

With this Optmyzr automation, we not only offer the possibility to monitor ads, keywords, and site links to detect if they’re driving traffic to broken landing pages, but we can also automatically pause them if we find any problems in their respective landing pages, and reactivate them once they are fixed.

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2. Monitor campaign budgets with the Flexible Budgets script.

Having an account overspend is always a big concern for advertisers. This is why from our list of Enhanced Scripts, Flexible Budgets is the most popular one.

The Flexible Budgets script has helped thousands of users monitor and pause campaigns, ad groups, keywords, or ads before they overspend.

⚡️ Pro-tip: Use the spreadsheet integration feature to manage the script settings for multiple accounts and campaigns from one place.

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3. Build detailed, white-label reports with the Reports tool.

Our clients are increasingly opting to design templates and automated reports directly in Optmyzr, and with the new re-vamped interface and features, this process is even easier than before.

The Report Designer lets you build reports with fresh data to download them in different formats or automatically send them to your teammates or clients.

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More to come in 2023

With 2022 being a year of changes and innovation in the industry we were happy to see how many of our core users continue to see Optmyzr as a helpful and complete toolkit to cover all possible areas when managing PPC accounts.

We aim to continue to help advertisers and account managers save time by automating and streamlining repetitive tasks so they can focus on what matters most: strategizing and helping their clients generate more revenue.

We are excited about 2023, and we invite you to stay tuned for updates as our roadmap comes with many surprises.