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Back to Basics: Naming Conventions for AdWords PPC

May 20, 2013
PPC Strategy

Geetanjali Tyagi

Co-Founder & COO



Naming convention for campaigns and ad groups

When creating a new AdWords account, we jump right into creating campaigns and ad groups, adding keywords, and writing ads. We don’t really put thought into the name we give campaigns and ad groups. What is in a name? Well, a lot. The way you name campaigns and ad groups doesn’t affect account performance but following a naming convention will definitely prevent your account from becoming a management nightmare.

How to name campaigns and ad groups

The campaigns in an AdWords account are usually the major product categories on the site. Name your campaigns after the name of the category and if a category has more than one campaign then use \[category name\] – \[number or names of sub-categories\]. For example, a shopping site that has categories like Men, Women and Kids can have campaign names like Men – Clothes, Men – Shoes etc. Similarly to name ad groups, append the sub-category name with the keyword theme. See example below:


For seasonal or holiday campaigns, that need to be created every year mention the year or date in the name. You won’t have to find a new name every time and will know which campaign ran when.

Why follow a naming convention?

1. Easy account analysis and management

By just looking at the campaign and ad group name you know the keywords that are inside and if the categories on your site have good coverage.

2. Performance analysis

Campaign and ad group level statistics can help you analyze the performance of a category or sub-category of products. You don’t need to go to the keyword level. It makes it very easy to see which products are profitable and which aren’t.

3. Quick transition

If the management of your AdWords account changes hands, it is easy to transition. The new person taking over the account knows exactly what it contains and doesn’t have to spend time understanding the account structure.

Next time you’re naming a campaign, follow a convention and make your life easy!