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Optimizations and Tools for Microsoft Ads: Now In Optmyzr

Geetanjali Tyagi

Co-Founder & COO



Optmyzr has launched One Click Optimizations™, Data Insights, and Reporting tools for Bing Ads. These tools make it easy to manage multiple Bing accounts by automating time-consuming and routine tasks performed by PPC experts. Read on to find out more.

Optmyzr for Bing

One-Click Optimizations for Keywords, Bids and Ads

For Keywords

  • Keyword Lasso: Add high performing search terms as new keywords with the Keyword Lasso optimization. This helps increase conversions and drive good traffic to your site.
  • Non-Converting Keywords: Reduce cost per acquisition by pausing under performing keywords using this optimization. It helps pause keywords that drove clicks but did not convert.
  • Negative Keyword Finder: Add negative keywords to your account to reduce wasted spend. This optimization analyzes the search terms report to find irrelevant words that can be added as negatives.

For Bids

  • First Page Bridger: This optimization recommends increasing bids for high potential keywords. These are keywords with a high Quality Score that can be pushed to the first page of search results with a small bid increase. It helps make the most of the account budget.

For Ads

  • A/B Testing for Ads: This optimization identifies underperforming ads and enables you to pause them with a single click. This ensures that only the best performing ads remain active in each ad group. Suggestions are based on statistically significant data and losing ads can be determined based on CTR, Conversion Rate and Conversions/Impression.

Data Analysis Tools

  • Account Dashboard: The new dashboard for Bing gives a quick overview of how the account is performing across key metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, cost and more.
  • Performance Comparison: This tool compares performance for campaigns and ad groups across date ranges. It lets you aggregate performance for multiple campaigns and ad groups to compare as well.
  • PPC Investigator: This tool helps you investigate why a metric like clicks or conversions saw a change in performance. It lets you view a cause chart to analyze which elements of an account are affecting performance. The root cause analysis helps you go a step further to find the potential causality at keyword/ad group or campaign level.


The Report Designer for Bing lets you create and share customized account performance reports. You can include KPIs, daily metric charts, segment performance and more in the reports. In the Pro plan, you can also combine data from different AdWords, Bing and Analytics accounts in the same report.

You can select a Bing account from the Optmyzr dashboard and access the tools for Bing here. Let us know which other tool you would want to see for Bing Ads next, and we will work on it to help you optimize your Bing accounts quickly and efficiently. Till then happy optimizing!