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Supercharge Your Google Ads Campaigns with Optmyzr Express: Quick Byte-Sized Optimizations

Nov 09, 2023
Guide Google Ads

Anusha Harikumar

Customer Success Manager



Imagine this scenario: Your Google Ads campaigns are operating at peak performance, delivering a torrent of conversions and captivating your target audience. The twist? You’re not grappling with the complexities of optimizing them manually for each account. Instead, you’re navigating the Google Ads landscape with grace and ease, all thanks to Optmyzr Express.

This remarkable tool streamlines your advertising efforts, making optimization feel like a walk in the park. Whether you’re managing one account or many, Optmyzr Express revolutionizes your approach. It’s akin to having a dedicated optimization expert at your service, offering valuable insights and actionable suggestions. In this article, we’ll delve into the wealth of optimization categories and techniques Optmyzr Express provides. We’ll illustrate how it enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your Google Ads PPC campaigns, ultimately boosting your ROI and giving you a competitive edge. Prepare to optimize your way to digital marketing triumph!

Ad Suggestions

1. Add Missing Ads (RSA)

Optmyzr Express kicks off by identifying ad groups without active responsive search ads (RSAs). Don’t let these ad groups sit idle when you can craft new RSAs with high-performing components in them from existing Expanded Text Ads (ETAs). With the help of Open AI’s suggestions in Optmyzr, you can create compelling ads that resonate with your audience, all with a single click.

2. Fix Ads with Issues (RSA)

For those underperforming RSAs, Optmyzr Express offers an array of suggestions to revamp them. Fine-tune your RSA assets using recommendations from existing ads and suggestions from Open AI. The tool also reveals top-performing keywords and search queries to help you craft relevant ads. 

3. Pause Low-Performing RSAs

Don’t let underperforming RSAs drag down your ad group’s overall effectiveness. Optmyzr Express provides proactive suggestions to identify and pause low-performing RSAs, ensuring that high-performing RSAs receive more traffic. It’s a simple yet effective way to optimize your ad groups and improve results.

Enhance the relevance and click-through rate of your ads by adding sitelink assets. Optmyzr Express identifies campaigns lacking sitelinks and allows you to quickly add multiple assets, hence helping you boost your ad’s appeal and improve user experience.

PMax Asset Groups with no Audience Signal

Optmyzr Express helps you maximize your audience targeting efforts for PMax campaigns  by identifying asset groups without any audience signals. You can add existing audience signals from your account or create new ones. Customize your audience segments based on interests, purchase intentions, or top-performing search queries. 

Create Experiments to Test Maximize Conversions, Target CPA, and Target ROAS Bidding Strategies

For campaigns currently running on manual bidding, Optmyzr Express suggests creating experiments to test automated bidding strategies like Maximize Conversions, Target CPA, and Target ROAS. By comparing the performance of the new strategy with the current manual bidding approach, you can determine which strategy works best for your goals.

Bid Suggestions - Manual Bidding Campaigns

1. Gender Bid Adjustments

Gain valuable insights into how different genders perform in your ad groups and set bid adjustments accordingly. Optmyzr Express identifies significant differences in click-through rates (CTR) among genders and provides bid adjustment recommendations. Customize these adjustments to fine-tune your campaign targeting.

2. Age Range Bid Adjustments

Similar to gender bid adjustments, Optmyzr Express helps you optimize bids based on age ranges. Identify age groups with varying CTRs and adjust your bids accordingly. This fine-grained control can enhance your campaign’s performance and ROI.

3. More Traffic for Converting Keywords

Boost the impression share of converting keywords that are losing impressions due to low bids. Optmyzr Express recommends bid increases for these keywords, providing them with more opportunities to drive conversions.

4. Push Keywords to First Page

Ensure your keywords make it to the coveted first page of search results. Optmyzr Express suggests bid increases for keywords with a good Quality Score, helping you achieve better visibility and click-through rates.

Shopping Campaign Suggestions

1. More Traffic for Converting Products

Apply bid adjustments to converting product groups that are losing impression share due to their current bids. This optimization allows you to increase your bids strategically and maximize your product visibility to potential customers.

2. Simplify Merchant Feed Optimization with Optmyzr Express

Optmyzr Express identifies products with missing essential attributes like Title, Description, Price, Link, Image Link, and Brand and helps you add these attributes through the tool.

What’s even better is that you don’t have to laboriously set up rules for every single product with missing attributes, just input the changes through a Supplemental Feed. Optmyzr Express lets you focus on improving just five products at a time, making the process manageable and efficient.

Budget Suggestions

1. Budget Suggestions from Google

Optmyzr Express works seamlessly with Google’s budget recommendations and analyzes them to give you the best set of suggestions for Google Ads budget optimization. It shows predicted changes in cost, conversions, and cost per conversion, and helps you make informed decisions about budget adjustments to enhance your campaign’s performance.

2. Fix Impression Share Lost Due to Budget - Campaign Budget and Shared Budget

Identify campaigns that are losing impression share due to budget constraints, even though they bring in conversions. Optmyzr Express empowers you to modify campaign budgets strategically, ensuring you capture more impressions and conversions. The tool provides suggestions for both campaigns with individual budgets and campaigns belonging to shared budgets.

Keyword Suggestions

1. Add New Keywords

Expand your keyword arsenal by adding relevant queries as keywords to your Google Ads account. Optmyzr Express identifies well-performing search terms that are absent from your keywords. Quickly add them and manage their bids and ad copies for optimal results.

2. Enable Converting Keywords

Revive dormant converting keywords that have been removed from your campaigns. Optmyzr Express highlights keywords that have generated conversions in the past 120 days but are currently inactive. Re-enable relevant ones (that may have been paused by Google’s auto-apply recommendations) to capitalize on their performance.

3. Fix Conflicting Negative Keywords

Eliminate conflicts between negative and positive keywords that may reduce ad impressions. Optmyzr Express provides a curated list of conflicting negative keywords, allowing you to resolve conflicts by pausing positive or negative keywords strategically.

4. Keyword Suggestions by Google

Leverage Google’s keyword recommendations within Optmyzr Express. The tool offers an extra layer of analysis on top of Google’s recommendations to present you with valuable and relevant keyword ideas.

5. Use Broad Match Keywords

Turbocharge your keyword strategy by identifying low-traffic keywords in exact and phrase matches and converting them to broad match if you prefer. Optmyzr Express goes the extra mile by analyzing Google’s recommendations and presenting you with the most relevant keyword suggestions in the tool. It’s all about expanding your reach and targeting a broader audience, effortlessly.

Placement Suggestions

1. Exclude Low-Performing Placements - Campaign Level

Trim wasted ad spend by identifying and excluding low-performing placements from your campaigns. Optmyzr Express helps you pinpoint placements that drain your budget without delivering conversions. Exclude placements on websites, mobile applications, YouTube videos, and YouTube channels to boost your ROI.

2. Exclude Low-Performing Placements for Performance Max - Account Level

Extend the power of placement exclusions to Performance Max campaigns at the account level. Eliminate unproductive placements across websites, mobile applications, YouTube videos, and YouTube channels to optimize your advertising spend effectively.

Expand Your Reach with Search Partners

Optmyzr Express takes the guesswork out of expanding your Google Ads reach. It identifies campaigns with untapped budget potential and strategically suggests opting them into the search partner network. By analyzing Google’s recommendations, Optmyzr Express ensures that your Google Ads budget is distributed well, connecting with audiences who share relevant interests on partner sites.

In Conclusion

Optmyzr Express is a powerhouse of optimization techniques designed to elevate your Google Ads campaigns. Whether you’re fine-tuning ad creatives, experimenting with bidding strategies, or expanding your keyword and placement reach, this tool streamlines the process and helps you achieve better results in less time. The suggestions are data-driven and can be applied with a single click, making optimization effortless. Make Optmyzr Express a part of your daily workflow, and watch your accounts’ performance soar. Your path to PPC success starts here!

Note: Optmyzr Express is part of Optmyzr Core. If you’re not an Optmyzr customer yet, sign up for a free trial now and experience the power of quick, effective Google Ads optimizations.