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Jason Rothman: An AdWords Management Game-Changer

Sep 19, 2016
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Jason Rothman



Rothman PPC

According to Merriam-Webster, a game-changer is “a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way.” And I can assure you, Optmyzr has been a game-changing force in my business life.

I manage AdWords campaigns for a living, and when I say I manage AdWords campaigns, I manage AdWords campaigns, and a lot of them. I’m in AdWords 60+ hours a week managing a large number of campaigns for a large number of clients. I’ve worked very hard to do a great job managing these campaigns for my clients, and I’ve worked very hard to build my reputation as an honest, hard-working, and professional operator. And it turns out that when you skillfully provide a trade or service, and do it in an honest and professional way, new business will stampede your way and you’ll quickly find yourself to be very busy.

And in June of 2016, that’s the situation I found myself in. I was very busy managing lots of AdWords campaigns, but I still had new clients wanting to hire me. Initially, this was a very stressful situation. I was just about out of working hours each week, but I still had people wanting to hire me. So I felt like I was leaving opportunities on the table. But at the same time, I wanted to keep my current clients happy and continue to provide great AdWords management services for them.

So what was a young, driven, (and some would say) good looking lad to do? There was only one answer.

Increase efficiency.

 I knew that if I could get the same weekly AdWords management tasks done in a smaller amount of time each week, then I could keep doing a great job for my current clients while freeing up more time to bring on new clients and grow my business. So I knew that efficiency was the only way to grow my business.

 Initially I thought hmmmmm, this will be easy. I’ll just use AdWords scripts and save myself a bunch of time. But then, after spending an hour or so trying to learn scripts, I was coldly reminded that I don’t really know anything about scripts or writing software, and that trying to learn that stuff would take a ton of time… and remember the problem in the first place… I HAD NO TIME LEFT IN MY WEEK!!!

Enter Optmyzr

 Once I realized learning scripts and writing my own software was too big of a learning curve, I thought to myself, let’s look for an AdWords management software. I Googled “AdWords management software,” and that’s when I found Optmyzr. It was love at first sight.

Why I gave Optmyzr a try

I immediately liked two things about Optmyzr. The first thing I noticed is that two of the co-founders of Optmyzr had worked at Google. And that one of the co-founders, Frederick, had been one of the first 500 employees at Google and had spent “10 years building AdWords.” What more can you as for in terms of being credible? These guys were building AdWords when I was looking for a prom date.

And the second reason why I gave Optmyzr a try is because they made it easy for me to give them a try! They offer a free trial and you don’t have to enter a credit card. This made it very easy for me to say, okay let’s try it out.

Why Optmyzr works

Optmyzr works great for two reasons. One, it makes me more efficient at Google AdWords management. And two, it makes me better at Google AdWords management.

The reason I started looking for an AdWords management software is because I needed to free up more time each week so I could take on more clients, but I didn’t want to sacrifice management quality. So again, efficiency was the only answer.

And Optmyzr helps me be more efficient. I can do almost all of the weekly AdWords management tasks I like to do right from inside Optmyzr, and the efficiency is tremendous. I’ll cover a specific example below, but just so you know, with Optmyzr you can add new, relevant keywords from the search terms report, you can smartly manage bids, you can A/B test ads, and you can find negative keywords from the search terms report… and you can do this all from inside the Optmyzr dashboard. You can also do a ton of other stuff too, including quality score analysis, report generation, removing duplicate keywords, and on and on. There’s so much you can do inside of Optmyzr, and it’s so much faster than manually doing these tasks in AdWords. Optmyzr makes me a much more efficient AdWords manager.

The second reason why Optmyzr works so great is because not only does it make me a more efficient AdWords manager, it makes me a better and more-effective AdWords manager. Optmyzr’s software helps me see things I can’t see with just the human eye.

For example, in the A/B testing tool for ads, it shows you clear winning and losing ads in Ad Groups where the confidence level is 90%, 95%, or 99% depending on your preference.

How do I know what the confidence level is when manually managing ads without Optmyzr? I don’t. I don’t have the statistical skill set or time to determine confidence levels when I judge ad performance manually. But Optmyzr’s software does. Optmyzr can examine the data, and find ad groups where the confidence level is high enough to warrant pausing a poor-performing ad. And it does this in an instant. Being able to access and analyze data that I could not realistically come up with on my own is why Optmyzr not only makes me a more efficient AdWords manager, but also a better AdWords manager. And this A/B ad testing tool is just one of the many ways Optmyzr makes me better at my job.

And while we’re speaking about the A/B ad testing tool. Let me cover another game-changing feature of Optmyzr. In the A/B ad testing tool, not only can you find and pause poor-performing ads that need to be paused, you can also quickly create new ads to test the existing winning ad against. And when I say quickly, I mean quickly. Creating new test ads is one of the most important but also one of the most time-consuming aspects of AdWords management, but with Optmyzr’s fast copy the winning ad and edit this new test ad tool it’s both fast and easy. And again, this is just one of the many great features of Optmyzr.

Excellent Customer Service

One of the coolest aspects of Optmyzr is the excellent customer service they provide. I have an issue, then fix it. I have a question, they answer it. Optmyzr’s people go above and beyond to not only answer questions about their software, but they actually will take customer feedback and make improvements to their software based on customer suggestions.

It’s clear that Optmyzr’s people get Google AdWords. They know what it’s like to manage Google AdWords campaigns and they make solutions that are perfect for AdWords managers. And beyond that, they deliver those solutions with some of the best customer service I’ve ever seen.


Good for one or many accounts

 I think Optmyzr is a great solution for AdWords management, regardless of whether you’re just managing your company’s one AdWords account, or if you’re an AdWords management agency managing many client accounts.

The solutions Optmyzr offers will work great for one account and for many accounts.

I strongly encourage anyone managing an AdWords account to give Optmyzr a try. And if you’re managing many accounts, I think it’s a must-have.

Optmyzr is an ever-growing tool that has many cool features. A lot of Optmyzr’s tools are very intuitive if you’ve been managing AdWords campaigns, and you can start using them right off the bat. But I also encourage you to take some time to read through Optmyzr’s documentation to learn about all of the cool features they have because this tool really can do a ton of stuff, and I’m using more and more of its features every week.

Good Luck

Providing a service in the tech-advertising world can be a scary career choice. There is constant innovation and change. If you don’t keep up, your business will die. A business dying is a very sad thing. And I try to avoid sad things.

Optmyzr has been a game-changer for me. It’s helped my business grow, innovate, and not only get more efficient, but also get better at providing AdWords management services.

As someone who lives in AdWords every week, I can strongly recommend Optmyzr for all AdWords advertisers. It will make you more efficient and help you get better performance.

Note from Optmyzr: Thanks Jason and Rothman PPC for sharing your story! If anyone else wants to share their success story about using Optmyzr and have it published on our blog, please get in touch with us.