Advanced Features For AdWords Reports in Optmyzr

Reporting Tools Aug 13, 2014

Geetanjali Tyagi

In this blog post we’ll cover some advanced features in Optmyzr’s Custom Report Designer that are unique and can help make your life easier when creating AdWords reports. Discover them below:

Automatic Date Range Insertion

Just like keyword insertion in AdWords, you can automatically insert dates in the text fields from the date range selectors. To insert the date from Date Range Selector 1, � insert {DR1} in the text field and it will automatically insert the exact date. For more advanced and customized date range insertion,� read this article.

Demo Video: How date range insertion works DateRangeInsertion-BlogPost

Campaign and Label Level Reporting

This is a feature that we really like for the data insights it can give. Optmyzr makes it easy to create AdWords reports for individual campaigns as well as a group of campaigns or labels. What makes it even better is that you can segment this data by device and network. For example, you can see how non-branded campaigns perform on the search network vs. branded campaigns.� You can use labels from your AdWords account or, create new labels in Optmyzr. � In the example below, the label ‘Search Campaigns’ is selected in the pie-chart widget. The widget in the report shows how the label (all the campaigns under it) performs on different devices.

Demo Video: How campaign selctors work

Campaign Level Reporting - BlogPost



Favorite Report Templates

We understand that users build different templates for different accounts. To make it easier for you to get to the templates that are important for an account we have the Favorite Templates feature. You can mark a template as favorite at the AdWords account level in Optmyzr and it wil start showing at the top. The advantage is when you’re managing a lot of accounts, you don’t have to go through a big list to pick a template each time.Favorites -Advanced features-BlogPost Want to try out Optmyzr’s Custom Report Designer? Get started with a free trial here.


Geetanjali Tyagi

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