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Elevate Your Advertising Game with Smart Shopping Campaigns by Optmyzr

Navah Hopkins




We are thrilled to share one of the more exciting product updates: Smart Shopping Campaign through Optmyzr.

What is Optmyzr’s Smart Shopping Campaign?

Optmyzr’s Smart Shopping Campaign is a campaign type for e-commerce that offers a perfect blend of automation and control.

This is a game-changer in the world of online advertising. It combines the automation benefits of smart bidding (TROAS or target return on ad spend) with the control and precision of manual campaign management.

Why we built the Smart Shopping Campaign?

Traditionally, advertisers faced a dilemma when choosing between standard campaigns and Performance Max campaigns. While standard campaigns offered better cost control and alignment with margins, they often struggled on visibility and ranking. On the other hand, Performance Max campaigns provided extensive reach but compromised on product selection and placement.

To address this challenge, we developed the Smart Shopping Campaign through Optmyzr. Through the power of automation layering, it enabled advertisers to get the benefits of smart shopping campaigns in standard ones; all while bypassing the need for Performance Max creative and fully surrendering to black box AI.

What are the advantages of Optmyzr’s Smart Shopping Campaign?

The key advantage of Smart Shopping with Optmyzr is that it retains the controls found in standard campaigns. This means you can structure your campaign according to your business requirements. Gone are the days of lumping all products into a single product group. Instead, you can now segment and bid appropriately for each product.

Furthermore, our Optmyzr’s customer value rules empower you to leverage value-based bidding, providing intelligent data that fuels the system.

If your focus is on shopping campaigns and you don’t intend to run video or display campaigns, Smart Shopping through Optmyzr is the ideal choice. It empowers advertisers to harness all the benefits typically reserved for Performance Max campaigns while retaining a high level of control. By running product listing ads exclusively, you can avoid placements that may not be profitable, and focus on lower funnel transactional intent.

However, it’s important to acknowledge the effectiveness of Performance Max campaigns. When properly set up, they can deliver excellent return on investment by enabling advertisers to speak to all parts of the buying funnel and across different creative. Nevertheless, it is crucial to monitor your budget allocation. 

Our Performance Max widget on the dashboard and the feed auditing tool help you track and optimize your spending. By ensuring there are no duplicates in your product titles, you can fine-tune your campaigns for optimal performance.

Smart Shopping through Optmyzr has recently launched this quarter and is available for all Optmyzr Core+ subscriptions. We continuously update the tool’s logic based on performance comparisons with other campaign types.

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