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What’s New in Optmyzr: March 2022

Apr 04, 2022
Optmyzr Updates

Radhika Shenoy

Content and Product Marketer



Rule Engine strategies for Budgets

Analyze the performance of your campaign budgets and shared budgets, and tweak the daily budget amount with Rule Engine

Additionally, the new Budget pacing attribute can help you analyze the pacing of a campaign budget and shared budgets in an account.

Read in detail about Rule Engine Budgets.

Monthly budget targets for FB & Amazon now on the Dashboard

Specify your monthly budget targets for Facebook & Amazon on the MCC Dashboard to get insights on how you’ve spent the budget and how it is pacing.

The Budget Pacing column indicates what percentage you’ve spent relative to what you should have spent as a share of the month (linear spending).

Click on the ‘bulk edit account details’ option to start entering your budgets for Facebook and Amazon ads accounts.

New UI with added functionalities for Automation Schedules

  1. Quickly find what you’re looking for using the ‘Search’ bar and other filters like Account, Platform, Users, and more.

  2. Bulk edit option modify frequency, recipients or pause/enable and even delete for multiple automation schedules at a time.

  3. Shortcuts to access the relevant settings directly in the respective tools.

  4. Use the right-side tray to edit or review the details associated with each schedule.

Express the value of your conversions better with the new Optimize Value Rules tool

Setting up Conversion Value Rules helps in optimizing an account’s performance by teaching Google’s automations (like those that handle Smart Bidding to optimize Target ROAS, Maximize conversion value, and Smart Shopping campaigns) more about your business.

The ‘Optimize Value Rules’ tool suggests conversion value rules that you can set up in your Google Ads account. These suggestions are based on data from the segments you score in Segment Scorer.

You can also see what’s in store for the coming months and suggest feature requests on the Optmyzr Roadmap.