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What’s New in Optmyzr: July and August 2022

Sep 05, 2022
Optmyzr Updates

Ashwin Balakrishnan

Senior Marketing Manager



Ad platforms have been busy rolling out automation updates over the past couple of months. That’s kept the pressure on us to make sure our software is up-to-date with the latest advancements in PPC land.

August at Optmyzr HQ was all about translating those updates into features and capabilities. We’re happy to share that our team has more than delivered.

For example, with Responsive Search Ads becoming the default in Google and gaining priority in Microsoft, it was important for us to support them in our testing and optimization tools.

Here’s everything we updated in July and August 2022.

New for Responsive Search Ads

More control over edited RSA headlines

When editing a headline or description for a Responsive Search Ad in Optmyzr (Google or Microsoft Ads), you now have the option to create it as a new asset in the existing ad.

For example, you can turn the headline “Product X is available in three vibrant new colors” into a new one (such as “Product X now in red, blue, and orange”), adding it to any existing RSAs with at least one more open headline slot.

Both headlines will exist in your selected ads, and you can opt to remove either asset at a later time.

Responsive Search Ads can be selected in our testing tool

Our A/B Testing for Ads tool lets you make sure only the best ad copy is active. You can now select Responsive Search Ads in Microsoft to analyze, test, modify, and pause.

Optimize the copy of your Responsive Search Ads

The Ad Text Optimization for Responsive Search Ads is an optimization and insight tool that breaks down and reviews your ad performance data by its components. It also allows you to make changes in bulk to different ad components.

This tools is now available for use with Microsoft Ads accounts.

Express optimization for ad groups without RSAs

There’s now a quicker way to create Responsive Search Ads in Google Ads ad groups that don’t have any.

Our new Optmyzr Express optimization shows you top suggestions for headlines and descriptions, along with top keywords.

New for Microsoft Ads

Regularly get quick, actionable insights on MS account health

Use the PPC Policy and Audits tool under the insights section to identify different problem areas in your Microsoft Ads accounts, as well as to find optimization opportunities for your ads, campaigns, keywords and more.

Perform root cause analysis for Microsoft Ads

PPC Investigator now has more capabilities to analyze Microsoft Ads accounts.

After picking a metric to investigate, Root Cause Analysis can now highlight specific campaigns, ad groups, product partitions, keywords, and other elements responsible for the change in performance.

New for Facebook Ads

Performance Analysis for Facebook

We’ve added a new insight tool for Facebook Ads campaigns.

You can now compare the performance between campaigns, or for the same campaign with different date ranges.

New for Amazon Ads

Root cause analysis for Amazon Ads

We’ve added the PPC Investigator cause chart to Amazon Ads insights. You can now conduct in-depth analysis of any performance changes.

New in insights and optimization tools

New bulk actions for negative keyword suggestions

The ‘Find Negative Keywords’ tool now has a faster way to review suggestions. You can now archive or change match types in bulk for both Google and Microsoft Ads.

Two new express optimizations for extensions

Optmyzr Express now includes the following optimization options:

  1. Add callout extensions to campaigns
  2. Add call extensions to campaigns

Call detail metrics added to Rule Engine

You can now use metrics like phone calls, phone impressions, and phone-through rate to analyze or modify ad groups and campaigns in Google Ads.

Additional insights in PPC Audits report

Some audit results will show a link to more details (as seen in this screenshot below for Extensions). This is available for campaigns (campaign settings, ad groups, extensions) and ad groups (ad group settings, keywords, ads).

Clicking the link will open a sidebar with more information related to that entry.

New in reporting

Introducing the new report designer

Configure widgets with ease, preview while editing settings, and add account/campaign selectors from within the widget settings.

Schedule quarterly reports

Report scheduling now includes the option to select specific months of the year.

Schedule reports for delivery in Slack

Select this option in the schedule window to deliver reports to mentioned recipients via Slack.

Note: This requires your Optmyzr and Slack accounts to be connected.

Include campaign names in reports

Just like accounts, dynamic insertion of campaign names is now supported using {CS1} where the number reflects the chosen campaign selector.

Additional metrics in Google Ads reporting

The following metrics have been added to the KPI, Summary, Top Campaigns and Performance Comparison widgets in our report builder:

  • Unadjusted conversion value
  • Conversion value adjustment

If you adjust Conversion Value Rules to optimize the conversion value of your budget, these metrics allow you to see the base conversion value as well as the adjustment made to it.

New for Campaign Automator

Campaign Automator: final URL at the keywords level

You can now add final URLs for keywords using Campaign Automator templates. This lets you customize landing page URLs related to each keyword.

Please note, access to this tool requires a Campaign Automator subscription.