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What’s New in Optmyzr: October 2022

Nov 08, 2022
Optmyzr Updates

Ashwin Balakrishnan

Senior Marketing Manager



It feels like we’ve turned a corner on PPC automation.

Our customer success and sales teams now have more conversations about how to build and use automation, or how to make Google’s automation make better decisions for the accounts people manage.

Strong resistance from just a few months ago has given way to acceptance that we do indeed play in Google’s garden and, more importantly, confidence that there are still ways to get great PPC results.

Our own evolution at Optmyzr is similarly encouraging. We’re increasing our support for platforms outside Google, starting with Microsoft and Meta. This month, you’ll also see multiple updates aimed at helping ecommerce advertisers contend with the demands of the holiday season.

Here’s everything we updated in October 2022.

Responsive Search Ads

Create responsive display ads from the Audits tool

Actionable audits now let you create Responsive Display Ads without going to another tool. This is only compatible with Google Ads accounts.

Go to Audits

Open AI text suggestions for RSAs

Get new headline and description suggestions for Google and Microsoft responsive search ads.

When selecting this option, you’ll get top suggestions for ad assets from Open AI, allowing for greater variety and more choice when constructing ads.

Go to A/B Testing for Ads

Check your ads for typos

The new spell check feature reviews the headlines and descriptions of your responsive search ads to find and fix common typos and other mistakes.

Add custom words to an account’s dictionary, and set the language to your preference for each account.

Go to Ad Text Optimization for RSAs

More control over RSA pinning

You now have the option to pin and unpin headlines and descriptions while editing via the Ad Text Optimization tool for responsive search ads.

Works with both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts.

Go to the RSA optimization tool

Rule Engine

Select final URL as a Rule Engine attribute

When building or modifying Rule Engine strategies for Google Ads, the “final URL” attribute can now be selected from the ads scope.

Use this to get a report based on the final URLs of your ads, or edit final URLs in bulk using the “find and replace” action.

Go to Rule Engine

Track conversions when they happen

For Google Ads, ‘Conversion By Time’ metrics have been added to the following scopes:

  • Account/Customer
  • Campaign
  • Ad group
  • Ad
  • Keywords
  • Ad group audience

These metrics make sure that conversions are attributed to the date on which it happened, rather than when the ad was clicked. Learn more about these metrics from Google.

Go to Rule Engine


Change audit templates on main dashboard

You now have the option to choose which audit template you want to determine Google Ads audit scores.

From the account dashboard, move your cursor to the PPC Audit Score card on the right to reveal a gear icon. Click it to change your audit template for a single account or all the accounts you manage.

Go to your dashboard

Include ad labels when creating ads via audits

While creating new ads via actionable audits, you can mention an ad label in a new field.

This is compatible only with Google Ads.

Go to Audits

Reporting & Workflows

Two new widgets for Google Ads reporting

We’ve added two new widgets with Google Ads support to our new report designer:

  • A funnel widget to visualize performance data by filtering out clicks and conversions in stages
  • A spend projection widget to help you report on whether or not you can achieve a target budget, or track budget pacing status

Go to the Reporting hub

Timestamps for PPC task lists

We’ve added a timestamp next to all completed tasks on the “My Tasks” page of the Account Blueprints feature.

Go to My Tasks