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What’s New in Optmyzr: September 2022

Oct 10, 2022
Optmyzr Updates

Ashwin Balakrishnan

Senior Marketing Manager



It’s remarkable how quickly we’ve all had to adjust to the new realities of advertising with Google and other ad platforms.

You can’t have a conversation about PPC these days without automation coming up. We hear about it every time we record a PPC Town Hall, in every call and chat with customers, and all over social media. Performance Max, Responsive Search Ads, and Smart Bidding with Target ROAS tend to come up most frequently.

Everyone at Optmyzr is working as hard as we can to make sure you’re able to use our tools to run great campaigns that meet the demands of modern PPC.

We’ve got some exciting updates for you this month, including support for Performance Max in two of our most popular shopping tools and an announcement on how we support Google’s new scripts experience.

Here’s everything we updated in September 2022.

Performance Max

Support for Performance Max retail campaigns

Optmyzr now supports Performance Max retail campaigns in the following ways:

Retail advertisers will find it easier to build Performance Max campaigns at scale, and automate sync with products entering and leaving a feed in near real time.

For campaign groups created using Optmyzr, we categorize the results in three ways:

  • Fully Upgraded: All campaigns in the campaign group were upgraded to Performance Max. We bring the new PMax campaigns back into the campaign group and refresh them as a PMax campaign group.
  • Partially Upgraded: If only some campaigns were upgraded and others are still Smart Shopping, we only refresh the Smart Shopping campaigns and do not give suggestions for new campaigns. You can refresh PMax campaigns using the “refresh existing campaign” option but will not be able to automate these.
  • Not Upgraded: A normal Smart Shopping campaign group.

For existing campaigns created outside Optmyzr:

  • If there is no automation, we will pick up the PMax campaign and allow refreshing and setting up automation.
  • If there’s any automation running for existing Smart Shopping campaigns and these are upgraded to PMax, we’ll map the old Smart Shopping campaign to the new PMax campaign and refresh this new one.

Responsive Search Ads

Filter by label in RSA Optimization tool

Ad labels have been added as a filter option in the Ad Text Optimization tool for responsive search ads. This helps limit the data you see to ads with a specific label.

Works with both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts.

Preview and add Google RSAs directly from audits

If you’ve previously run an audit to find out which ad groups have fewer than two responsive search ads, clicking on the ad group name renders a preview of existing ads and their performance.

You’ll also be able to create new responsive search ads, call ads, or expanded dynamic search ads (depending on campaign type).

More control over edited RSA headlines

When editing a headline or description for a Responsive Search Ad in Optmyzr (Google or Microsoft Ads), you now have the option to create it as a new asset in the existing ad.

For example, you can turn the headline “Product X is available in three vibrant new colors” into a new one (such as “Product X now in red, blue, and orange”), adding it to any existing RSAs with at least one more open headline slot.

Both headlines will exist in your selected ads, and you can opt to remove either asset at a later time.

See search terms from Google Search Partners

The attribute “network type” is now available in the campaign scope of the Rule Engine. This makes it easier to view search terms coming from the Search Partners network.

Exclude search terms from DSA ad groups

The attribute “ad group type” is now available in the ad group scope of the Rule Engine. This makes it easier to exclude search terms from Dynamic Search Ad ad groups.

Easily add UA conversions to GA4

If you use Google’s automatic migration tool to upgrade from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you’ll notice that it doesn’t migrate your goals in the process.

This makes the data in GA4 much less helpful in optimizing your ads.

Stay on top of broken URLs in Google Ads

The URL Checker utility has been upgraded with an improved workflow, making it easier to create and manage settings. You can now pause ads and keywords linking to broken URLs, and re-enable these entities in a future run if the issues are fixed.

This tool is only available for customers on current subscriptions. If you’re on a legacy plan, write to your account manager to discuss a solution.

Announcement on support for Google Ads scripts

Optmyzr now supports these seven Enhanced Scripts:

  1. Flexible Budgets
  2. Reach Target Monthly Spend
  3. Check Destination URLs
  4. Check Sitelinks URLs
  5. Anomaly Detector
  6. Hourly Campaign Level Dayparts
  7. Report Hourly Stats

All of these have been updated to work with both new and old experiences.

If you were an Optmyzr customer before June 14, 2022, you will see a ‘Deprecated’ tag next to older scripts that we no longer support.

Get suggestions for Target ROAS/CPA adjustments

Get a new suggested Target ROAS value for campaigns running on the Maximize Conversion Value bidding strategy. You can then perform any of the following actions:

  1. Apply suggested changes directly
  2. View the strategy and add it to your list of Rule Engine strategies where you can
    • Edit it further
    • Automate it to run on a schedule

Compatible with Performance Max campaigns

Go to Optimize Target ROAS
Go to Optimize Target CPA

Microsoft Ads

Parity for Microsoft Ads in RSA Utility

Our Responsive Search Ads Utility is now a practical solution for creating new RSAs in your Microsoft Ads accounts.

Get suggestions for headlines and descriptions, modify or delete as needed, create new ads easily, and take them live with a single click.

Prep your Microsoft Ads accounts for ETA sunset

A new utility tool allows you to make sure all your Microsoft Ads ad groups contain Responsive Search Ads by converting Expanded Text Ads in bulk.

  1. Download a CSV of your existing ETAs
  2. Edit them, making necessary changes to their headlines and descriptions.
  3. Upload the edited CSV via Optmyzr of the Microsoft Ads interface.

New widgets for more relevant PPC audits in Microsoft

More widgets have been added for Microsoft Ads to help you better audit ads, ad groups, performance, and other levels e.g. “ad groups with too few Responsive Search Ads”.

Rule Engine

Automate which search terms become negative keywords

You can now add search terms to a negative keywords list via an action in the search terms scope of the Rule Engine. This list can be created and edited with rules.