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Optmyzr Voted Studio40's Best PPC Tool

Dec 18, 2015

Frederick Vallaeys

Co-Founder & CEO



Studio 40 asked 21 PPC experts like Larry Kim, Chris Haleua, and John Gagnon what PPC tools they couldn’t live without. 43 tools were mentioned and I’m pleased to say that Optmyzr made the list.

Here are some of the other tools named Best PPC Tool alongside Optmyzr.

Microsoft Excel

Excel took the #1 spot, not surprising given its ability to help PPC managers crunch the numbers for large data sets. While you can’t use Optmyzr in a generic way like Excel, we have taken some of the most common data questions and turned them into Data Insight tools where we fetch the data from AdWords and Bing automatically, merge several datasets when necessary, handle the filtering and aggregation of the data, and present findings in a matter of seconds. Our Hour-of-Week analysis is a great example of how we can quickly help advertisers identify if they are missing opportunities at specific times of the week.

AdWords Editor

The AdWords Editor was the #2 tool and that makes me happy because I was on the team at Google that started the Editor project. There are some great engineers working on this tool at Google and it’s great to see that even after a decade this one still saves PPC account managers a tremendous amount of time. Saving time is also one of the core goals we have whenever we build new tools at Optmyzr because we know that good PPC professionals are in short supply so making them more efficient with their time is critical. We automate common optimization tasks through our One-Click Optimizations™, for example helping advertisers A/B test different variations of ad text, image ads, or dynamic search ads (DSA).

Google Analytics

#3 on the list is Google Analytics and I have a pretty close connection with that one too as I was on the team at Google that acquired a San Diego company that would become Google Analytics: Urchin. Wesley Chan, the Google PM who led the acquisition thought it was important to offer advertisers a better way to track the results they were getting from buying AdWords ads and analytics would help with that. Where AdWords tells advertisers how many conversions they got and how much they spent on those, Analytics gives insights into what people did on the site, helping to improve conversion rates which in turn lets advertisers bid more in AdWords.

AdWords Scripts

AdWords Scripts are #7 on the list, another one I’m very happy about as it was a big part of the reason Optmyzr got started. After leaving Google in 2012 I had been doing some AdWords consulting and I found myself short on time to do a lot of the AdWords management tasks I knew were critical to the health of accounts. One day I was having lunch with Mark Martel, a Product Marketing Manager from Google and he told me about a new technology called AdWords Scripts that hadn’t seen a lot of uptakes. I went home after lunch and started coding my first script. I then blogged about it for SearchEngineLand, was one of the first to cover the topic at a PPC conference (HeroConf Austin) and met my cofounders because they read about my script that checked for broken landing pages.

A special thanks to George Bates from Studio-40 for compiling the votes, and to Mona Elesseily from Page Zero Media and Kirk Williams from ZATO Marketing for being some of our biggest supporters.