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Report Beautification

We really appreciate all our users feedback as it helps us prioritize what features to build next. Last week we got this funny tweet from Andrew McGarry:

Not that we’re that much into golfing but we don’t like being below par so we set out to improve the look of our reports. Here’s what we launched a few days after Andrew’s tweet…

Colored arrows in the KPI widget to make it easier to see metrics that are doing well or poorly:

Instantly see KPIs that are doing well or poorly based on the red and green color coded arrows.


Nicer presentation of tables. Now we only show horizontal lines and we make the header row bold to make them easier to read:

This is what tables looked like before the redesign.
This is the new look for tables in reports.

A different background color to make reports pop a bit more:

The new background in reports makes the pages pop more visually on screen.

We also just launched a display ads widget so now you can see the actual image ad in your reports:

Now you can include display ads in your custom reports.


We’ve got a few more beautifications up our sleeve but let us know your ideas for how to make them more visually pleasing.

Andrew tweeted us again later and had this to say:


Thanks Andrew!

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