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How to Easily Restructure Google Shopping Campaigns

Nov 08, 2017
Shopping Ads

Geetanjali Tyagi

Co-Founder & COO



Optmyzr has a new tool that will make it easy to restructure existing shopping campaigns to improve performance.

Create GRIP structure tool

In shopping campaigns, the product group is the level at which you can set bids. A product group can have any number of products. Having a granular shopping campaign structure lets you set a bid for each product individually. This is important because different products have different prices and having the same bid for all products may not result in high ROAS. For example, if you’re selling shoes and you choose to split campaigns by Category 0->Category 1->Product Type 0, you could end up with a structure where the last level has different types of shoes like running shoes, walking shoes. In this case you could end up bidding the same $2 for a pair of shoes that costs $100 and another that costs $250. To make sure you can bid relative to how each product performs, it is important to have a structure where there is one product or item in each product group. This is the GRIP (GRoup of Individual Products) structure.

How can you achieve the GRIP structure without spending hours in your AdWords account? The Shopping Campaign Builder lets you create the GRIP structure for new campaigns. You can specify the high level split, the tool will pull the data from your feed, put it into the defined structure and you can upload it to AdWords with a single click. For existing shopping campaigns that already have performance data, you can either spend hours creating this structure in AdWords or use the new Create GRIP structure tool from Optmyzr. This lets you restructure existing shopping campaigns to have the GRIP (groups of individual products) structure.

How does it work?

The tool detects the last level at which an ad group is split and splits it one level further at the item id level. This enables you to have one product group per item id while preserving the historical data associated with the ad group. Once you have this structure you can use the Shopping Attribute Bidder to aggregate data by any attribute in the feed.

Benefits of using the tool

  • No restructuring required: It works with existing campaign structures
  • Preserves historical data: It splits out existing ad groups so historical data is not lost
  • Higher ROI: It enables you to manage bids for each product which results in better performance and higher ROI
  • Saves time: You can create thousands of products groups within minutes

This tool is currently in beta and is available in the Pro subscription plan on Optmyzr.