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How to Use Aggregate Data to Set Bids for Shopping Campaigns

Geetanjali Tyagi

Co-Founder & COO



When shopping campaigns are split at a very granular level like product id, each product group may not have enough data to make a bid decision. This makes it difficult to optimize these product groups creating a chicken and egg problem. You can’t optimize without data and you won’t get traffic if bids are set too low. In such cases, it helps if you can group product groups to create a critical mass and use aggregated data to set bids for product groups. We recently launched the roll up feature in the Shopping Bidder One-Click Optimization™ that is designed to do this. It makes it easier to set bids at scale by aggregating data for product groups.

How does the roll up feature in Shopping Bidder work?


The first step is to select the metric by which you want to roll up data and the second step is to set the threshold for that metric.

Step 1: Select the metric by which you want to group or aggregate data

Step 2: Set the threshold for that metric

Step 3: Click update

Shopping Roll Up -1


Understanding the results

The tool will roll up product groups to the lowest level that meets the data threshold selected. For example, if you select clicks as the metric and the threshold is set to 500, the tool will show all product groups that have at least 500 clicks. Product groups that don’t have 100 clicks will be rolled up to the lowest level at which the threshold is met.

  1. Product groups are rolled up and grouped together at the lowest level. The number of product groups in the group show in brackets (n) next to the name.
  2. Sometimes there are a lot of product groups in a single group but the range for max cpc is broad. In this case, the tool further breaks it down into sub groups that have a smaller max CPC range. This helps set bids at a more granular level. You can click on the rolled up product group to see sub groups.
  3. The max CPC in this case shows the range (min – max) for all product groups under the roll up. If the new CPC requires the bid to be increased by a percentage, this is applied on the max number in the range.

Shopping Bidder - 2

Demo Video: Roll up feature in Shopping Bidder