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Search Marketing Automation ProTips: How to Become a True PPC Hero

Frederick Vallaeys

Co-Founder & CEO



PPC Hero Summit is just around the corner, and I hope you take time to attend a webinar session I’m doing Feb. 12 with my good friend and fellow PPC veteran Jeff Baum of Hanapin Marketing. 

Jeff and I will help PPC pros decipher one of the most confusing (and sometimes feared) aspects of PPC in 2020: Automation and artificial intelligence. Our session is entitled “Beyond the Engines’ AI: Make Machine Learning Work for YOUR Brand.”  We will help PPC pros learn how they can outperform the competition as automation by Google and Bing threatens to make things easier – and more difficult at the same time. 

Pros and Cons of PPC Automation

Google and Bing know what they are doing. Billions upon billions of searches have provided unprecedented opportunity to understand the actual intent and needs of audiences in ways old school marketers could never dream. 

Over the last few years, in particular, the big engines have deployed powerful AI and machine learning to automate many core functions of PPC. On the upside, they’ve made it possible for pretty much anyone to set up and run good PPC. There are a lot of positives associated with automations now at search marketers’ collective fingertips – not the least of which is time savings. 

The automation of many aspects of core PPC is eliminating busy tasks that used to take up the lion’s share of time for even the most efficient marketers. 

However, with all of the greatness of automation, we see some big “cons” on the other side of the ledger, including a growing concern among search marketers that they may be automated into obsolescence. Let’s consider a few specific areas of concern, which we’ll cover in our PPC Hero Summit online session:

  1. Smart marketers are not 100% sold on the search engines’ machine learning features and settings. After all, the buck stops at the desk of the actual PPC pro when it comes to spending our own (or our clients’) budgets. Surrendering all control and decision making to Google and Bing automations isn’t wise. 
  2. If everyone uses the same automations in the same manner, PPC may well become overly commoditized. It could be akin to all teams in a sports league using the exact same playbook and strategy.
  3. Company A and Company B may be in the same industry selling similar products, but things that work well for one company or its customers may fail miserably for the other. 

Jeff and I will cover essentials of what’s working and what’s not when it comes to the big engines’ machine learning. More importantly, we’ll discuss many liberating and empowering reasons to use a third-party tool to help you leapfrog competitors, including:

  • Ability to elevate to marketing strategist versus practitioner;
  • Visibility into immediate dynamics of campaigns to make faster, effective course corrections;
  • Great control over dynamics unique to your business or industry. 

Perhaps most valuable, we’ll help search marketers understand how to make a strong business case to their own bosses for a third-party resource. 

I encourage you to invest 30 minutes of time to participate in our February 12 session. Jeff and I know your time is valuable, so we’re planning a rapid-fire event that can make a tremendous difference in your future as a marketer – without a huge investment of your time. 

Register today and we look forward to this informative session.