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Still sending static AdWords reports? It's better in Optmyzr.

Geetanjali Tyagi

Co-Founder & COO



Static AdWords reports limit the amount of information you can include or, you run the risk of including so much data that the reports become overwhelming. We recently launched a new way to share reports that makes them interactive. You can now generate a link to the report and share it with users.

The report is no longer static as in a PDF and you can hover over charts and graphs to see data points. For example, if you notice a sudden drop in clicks on a particular day you can hover over that particular point and see the exact number without having to log in to your AdWords account.

Instant data gratification: Hover over charts to see actual data at different points without having to log in to your AdWords account
Get more granular data: Zoom in to widgets to go a level deeper. For example, if the Geo HeatMap in your report is at the country level, this format will let you zoom in and see data at the city level without having to generate another report.

Interactive Reports - Blog Post

Steps to generate a link for the report:

  1. Click on the report you want to generate a link for on this page in your Optmyzr account.
  2. In the report, select Create Link from the Report Actions drop down.
  3. Copy and share the link.


Tip: You can use the Share a Link option with the new commenting feature we launched. Using the two features together will let you share a link to the report with your comments.