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The Value Of Third-Party PPC Software Is Mostly Felt In Its Absence

Tanya Michael

Content Marketer



PPC marketers tend to debate the value of third-party software — after all, why pay for tools when Google gives you everything you need?

The 2022 State of PPC report revealed that a surprising 63% of PPC marketers did not use any third-party software for PPC analysis and optimization. That means they rely solely on Google’s recommendations, manual analysis and optimization, and scripts.

It also means that 63% of PPC marketers left incredible opportunities on the table. 

Let’s be honest. Like any other business, Google’s prerogative is making more money. As the leading online ad platform, advertisers have no choice but to play by their rules and invest more money in ad spends to achieve their desired results.

The issue isn’t specifically the ad spends but rather the lack of transparency that prevents us from knowing what worked and how Google did it. That’s why depending solely on Google is not enough. 

Unlike most native platforms that prioritize their own growth and profits, you need someone in your corner who cares about making your campaigns successful and profitable.

The Operational Cost of Not Using Third-Party PPC Software

1. Wasted ad spend

Using a PPC tool makes it easier to save money by identifying and eliminating irrelevant keywords, low-performing ads, and poorly targeted campaigns.

2. Lost opportunities

A reliable PPC tool can assist you in identifying new opportunities to reach your target audience and generate more quality leads and sales.

3. Increased time and effort

Managing PPC campaigns manually can be both time-consuming and challenging. However, using a PPC tool can assist in automating many tasks, freeing up your time to concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

4. Poor data insights

Using a PPC tool makes tracking and analyzing your campaign data easier, enabling you to make informed decisions about your campaigns.

In addition, there are several intangible costs associated with not having third-party PPC support. For instance, failing to seize optimization opportunities in time can significantly impact your overall performance. One timely optimization can be the difference between wasted budgets and a highly effective campaign.

A prime example of the impact of such optimizations comes from Optmyzr’s client, Zeller Media. They managed to slash their CPCs by a substantial 18% for a prominent online job recruiter with just one strategic adjustment. 

With Optmyzr’s Quality Score Tracker tool, Zeller Media could easily monitor Quality Score metrics at various levels, from the account down to the keyword. This empowered them to pinpoint the precise elements of the Quality Score that were driving results.

Ultimately, whether you get Optmyzr or some other tool, there’s no denying the need for one.

But we understand that picking the right tool can be overwhelming and may feel like a big financial commitment if you’re unsure what you’re getting yourself into. That’s why we’ve put together some handy points to make the decision less daunting.

What PPC Tools Do You Need & How Much Do They Cost?

When it comes to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) tools, brands have three main options:

  1. Single-function tools
  2. Full management tools or
  3. Building their own tools

Building in-house PPC tools can be costly but offers a customized solution if resources are available.

The essential types of PPC tools include:

  • Reporting tools for visualizing campaign data and insights.
  • Budget management tools to ensure spending stays on track.
  • Creative tools for ad creation and preview support with shared assets.
  • Keyword, audience, and placement bidding tools for adjusting bids and reporting on performance.

Optmyzr offers all these features at a lower cost than purchasing them individually. Instead of an average monthly cost of $1,900 for separate tools, Optmyzr provides all-in-one functionality starting at $249 per month up to $799 monthly, making it simple to manage everything in one platform.

We have another great article that compares various single-function software with Optmyzr, which includes reporting, budget management, and everything else you need for successful PPC management. Make sure to check it out to know the cost of individual tools vs. Optmyzr’s all-in-one benefit.

How Optmyzr Supports Advertisers, Not Just Their Ads

At Optmyzr, we care about the success of our advertisers just as much as they care about the success of their ads. We want to help you break free from the limitations of native platforms and create strategies that go beyond the status quo.

Without further ado, let’s dive into how Optmyzr puts advertisers first.

1. Reveal the insights in your performance data.

Our insight tools give you recommendations, patterns, and growth opportunities that may elude manual efforts. You can access audit tools and cause charts for a comprehensive account health assessment. You also get robust capabilities for search, shopping, budgets, bid management, and more.

2. Be in charge of your campaigns.

Optmyzr integrates directly with the Google Ads API, allowing you to make changes to search ads, shopping campaigns, Performance Max, display placements, manual and automated bid strategies, and more.

3. Apply your own layer of automation.

Optmyzr’s automation operates atop ad engines, giving you greater control over outcomes and allowing you to concentrate on genuine growth. Receive alerts to monitor performance and spending even in your absence. And our Rule Engine facilitates automation using straightforward “if/then” logic for more complex strategies.

4. Visualize your impact with data.

You can easily choose from various templates or construct custom reports using numerous widgets. Then, automate report delivery to inform your clients and bosses about your monthly contributions to business growth.

5. Optimize with confidence and peace of mind.

Connecting an ad account with Optmyzr is swift and completely secure, taking less than five minutes. Only you and your team can modify your campaigns. And we give you support for all major ad platforms – Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon.

Optmyzr makes it easy to manage every aspect of PPC. It is designed for everyone on your team, from account managers to analysts to strategists. 

As we approach the big shopping season, now is the perfect time to test and try out our tools and features to find what works best for you. This will help you maximize your investment, achieve your marketing goals, and avoid expensive missteps when it is go time.

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