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Top Tips to Write Stellar Ad Text for Google AdWords

Jul 09, 2015
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Esperanza Arriagada

Marketing Manager



70 characters for ad text, 25 characters for headline, and 35 characters for the display URL are all you get in AdWords to convey the message about your product or service. Although, success in AdWords depends a lot on your product and website, the first step is to get potential customers to your site by clicking on your ad. After you have worked out the structure of ad group themes, chosen relevant keywords, it is important that you do not overlook the ad copy. The ad copy must be informative and engaging at the same time. So, let’s see what it takes to write stellar ad copy!

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Let’s start with this ad. This is a fine example of how an ad should be.

  • First, the headline should grab a user’s attention instantly and they should be aware of what you are offering
  • The first description line should induce interest
  • The second description line should convert that interest to the intended action
  • Finally, the display URL must take the user to the page where they can complete the intended action

Use keywords in the headline

Include keywords in your ad text without using any synonyms. If the keyword in the ad headline matches a user’s search query, it will appear in bold and make your ad stand out from the other ads on the page. It also helps establish a strong relation between your product/service and what the user is looking for which increases the likelihood of a user clicking on the ad.

Use numbers

Using numbers in ads creates a perfect block between long sentences, making them more visually appealing while adding specific information at the same time.


Including price points like ‘$49 only’ tells people what they are getting into and sets the right expectation. When you mention the price, it prevents people who have a fixed price in mind from clicking on the ad which saves unwanted clicks. Describing USPs like 100% custom made or 100% money-back guarantee helps establish credibility and trust and boosts the user’s confidence in your product/service.

Call to action

Having a call to action in the ad text is important. A call to action phrase tells users what they are supposed to do. For example, ‘Order Online Now’ tells the user that they can click on the ad and order the product instantly. If you’re offering a SaaS product, mentioning ‘Start Free Trial’ in the ad text tells users that they can try your product before buying it. Call now, order now, sign up, get a quote, buy now are some other call to action phrases that you can use. If you’re running a sale or have limited stock, using words like ‘Hurry’ induces a sense of urgency.

Good formatting

Always double-check your copy for typographical and grammatical errors. Running ads with errors affects credibility and doesn’t create a good impression. Another best practice is capitalizing the first letter of each word in your ad. This makes the ad copy look catchy. Look out for extra spaces, unclear URLs, and uneven capitalization.

Landing page

Now that you have written a great ad, it is time to create a great landing page experience for your users.

  • Make sure your landing page has content which is directly related to the ad text and keyword.
  • The website should be very easy to navigate and it shouldn’t take more than a few clicks to buy the product or complete the intended action.
  • Make sure landing pages load fast because customers don’t have patience and will leave your site.
  • Make sure you give enough information about the product on the landing page as it builds trust and makes it easier for users to make a decision.

The landing page directly impacts conversions, ad rank, and Quality Score.

Once you’ve created the right ads, make sure to test them on a regular basis. This is because performance data is the only measure of success. Optmyzr’s AB Testing for Ads Tool helps find ads that are underperforming and gives you the option to pause them with a single click. You can also create new ads to test.

Demo Video: Optmyzr’s AB Testing Tool