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Optmyzr Tools to Create Expanded Text Ads in Google AdWords

Mar 31, 2017
Optmyzr Search Ads

Madhurima Gupta

Solutions Strategist



AdWords introduced expanded text ads (ETAs) last year and promised higher click-through rates for advertisers and a better experience for users. In continuation to the announcement, AdWords removed the option to create standard text ads on 31st January 2017. Following which advertisers have either completely moved to ETAs or are in the process of doing so. To smoothen the transition, AdWords automatically added ETAs to accounts, which gave users the option to test out performance of ETAs but offered little control over the ad text. Optmyzr has solutions to help you create ETAs at scale in your AdWords account while maintaining control over the ad copy. You can create ETAs from a spreadsheet as well as from existing standard text ads. I’ve listed three tools in Optmyzr that support creation of ETAs.

#1 Generate Text Ad Bulksheets Enhanced Script

Creating ETAs from scratch can be very time consuming especially if you have many campaigns in your account. The Generate Text Ad Bulksheets Enhanced Script helps in creating new ads based on performance of existing ads. For example, you can pick a metric like CTR and use it as a benchmark for creating new ETAs that can be quickly uploaded to AdWords. This video explains how this script can be used for creating ETAs via bulk uploads or the AdWords Editor.

#2 AB Testing for Ads

The AB Testing for Ads optimization compares performance of legacy ads (old text ads) with new ETAs and it lets you pause losing ads with a single click. It also lets you create new ETAs to populate ad groups and continue testing ads. To make it easy, it recommends high performing headlines and description lines that can be easily combined to create new ads. Pro Tip: Use the Turbo Mode to view all active ads in ad groups and to quickly create new ETAs across ad groups.

#3 Create Ads from Spreadsheet Enhanced Script

Well, that’s not all. If you are looking to create fresh ETAs in a campaign, you can use the Create Ads from Spreadsheet Enhanced Script. Using this script you can use data from a spreadsheet to create new ads, keywords and ad groups. This video shows how this script lets you easily automate the creation of ads from a spreadsheet. You don’t need any coding skills to implement this.

Not sure which ad groups don’t have ETAs? Use the audit widgets in Optmyzr to find ad groups with less than ‘n’ ETAs. Read more about how to use these widgets here.

If you don’t have an Optmyzr account, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial of Optmyzr’s tools to try out these tools 🙂