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Top 10 tools 10,000+ advertisers used in 2023 to maximize their PPC ROI

Jan 23, 2024
Optmyzr Tools

Anusha Harikumar

Customer Success Manager



PPC in 2023 was a whirlwind, fraught with dynamic shifts and challenges. From the widespread adoption of Performance Max to Google’s continuous pursuit of automation, advertisers faced a landscape that demanded adaptability. However, amid these transformations, Optmyzr emerged as a steadfast partner, empowering advertisers through innovation and support.

We also celebrated a decade of commitment and success, bagging the prestigious Global and US Search Awards 2023. The year witnessed a surge of tools and enhancements, revolutionizing the way advertisers navigate and optimize their campaigns. 

In this article, you’ll learn about ten tools advertisers loved to use in 2023 for their PPC management and optimization workflows. You’ll also get a peek into what lies ahead in 2024.

Optmyzr Express - Get quick, actionable optimization suggestions across multiple accounts 

Optmyzr Express shows you optimization suggestions for your Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Amazon Ads accounts. It is designed to work as a to-do list for you to breeze through multiple optimization tasks in minutes.

Picture it as your digital advertising checklist, effortlessly guiding you through a spectrum of optimizations, from re-enabling converting keywords to refining PMax asset group targeting.

Here’s what PPC Expert Matthieu Tran-Van had to say about Optmyzr Express:

“I love features embedded in the Optmyzr tool like Optmyzr Express, which gives you an overview of all the kinds of optimizations that you can take right now in your account to improve the hygiene of the account and also enhance its performance.”

The tool underwent a transformative upgrade in 2023. Three exciting suggestions added to it are:

  • Add Missing Ads (RSA): Optmyzr Express identifies ad groups without active Responsive Search Ads, empowering you to create compelling RSAs effortlessly (with the help of OpenAI suggestions).
  • PMax Asset Groups without Audience Signal: Optmyzr Express seamlessly enhances audience targeting for PMax campaigns by identifying asset groups lacking audience signals, and offering suggestions based on interests, purchase intentions, or top-performing queries.
  • Merchant Feed Optimization: Optmyzr Express makes it a breeze for you to identify and improve products with missing attributes. Just input the missing attribute through a supplemental feed that requires a one-time creation. It’s that simple!

Optmyzr Sidekick: Your AI PPC Assistant

Meet the Optmyzr Sidekick, your AI PPC assistant! Found on the Account Dashboard, it analyzes various aspects of the account and KPIs, provides quick optimization suggestions, and even answers your custom queries. 

Bid farewell to surfing through hundreds of account and campaign performance reports; the Sidekick simplifies it. Just ask for what you need! 

Remember, the Sidekick is always learning. Share feedback, integrate it into your PPC workflow, and experience a dynamic, AI-powered boost for your PPC endeavors!

Wondering how Generative AI can help you manage your campaigns? Here’s a Town Hall on leveraging ChatGPT in PPC.

Invalid Traffic Protection - Your ultimate budget guard

Shield your budget from unwarranted depletion with Optmyzr’s Invalid Traffic Protection. Newly integrated into the Account Dashboard, this vigilant widget is your trustworthy companion, ensuring your budget stays intact.

In collaboration with Cheq, a top-tier invalid traffic detection technology, it helps you effectively monitor and block invalid traffic to discern how much of your budget is spent on non-converting clicks.

You can activate traffic monitoring and blocking by simply clicking on the widget and following the tool’s steps, which include adding a code snippet to your website URL for seamless monitoring. What’s more, Optmyzr goes beyond traffic monitoring; you can use the Smart Exclusions tool to detect and exclude invalid placements before they start accruing costs, ensuring significant savings as you kickstart your year.

Optimize campaigns based on weather forecast

For those marketers managing weather-dependent products or services, Optmyzr unveils a sophisticated campaign optimization tool meticulously designed to align with your weather-conscious strategies. Yes, it boasts advanced features, yet its essence lies in inherent simplicity. Our customers have simply loved using this tool for various use cases ranging from managing clients selling firewood, to air conditioning-related businesses.

Creating weather-based rules through this tool takes almost no time at all; simply target or exclude locations, and pause/enable campaigns in response to real-time weather condition changes.

Envision your ads seamlessly adapting to sunny days or pausing during thunderstorms - pure magic! You can even automate the process, setting it to run on a schedule or activating it later with a simple click. 

For those seeking more granularity, the Rule Engine enables customized conditions, allowing advanced actions like budget adjustments, ad group target CPA modifications, and campaign target ROAS settings based on weather forecasts. After all, advertising should mirror the dynamic nature of the weather!

Change History - Easily spot why your account performance changed

Efficiently managing Google Ads campaigns depends heavily on tracking performance changes and reaching desired objectives. Yet, sifting through hundreds or thousands of “Change History” entries can be a daunting task.

This long process is now easy for you; just use Optmyzr’s “Change History” feature! For instance, while analyzing performance insights with the PPC Investigator, you can easily unveil recent changes across ad groups, campaigns, and keywords made by different account managers. What’s more, you can even automate “Change History” reports through the Rule Engine!

Why is this beneficial? 

It helps you quickly assess auto-applied optimizations by Google and Microsoft Ads, track team-driven account alterations, enhancing accountability and control. This tool not only uncovers the ‘what’ but also the ‘why’ behind account performance, offering valuable insights to elevate future campaign management. A smarter way to learn from successes and setbacks!

PPC Vertical Benchmarks - Get insights about the industry your account belongs to

The next tool in our list, PPC Vertical Benchmarks, is your pivotal asset in the competitive PPC landscape. This tool serves as a compass, providing nuanced insights into your Google Ads campaign performance relative to industry peers. You can explore your account’s performance via key metrics - Average CPC, Conversion Rate, CPA, CTR, and ROAS, to refine your advertising strategy accordingly.

Additionally, you can go beyond standard evaluations and delve into keyword-specific data, comparing your match type spread with industry benchmarks for finely tuned keyword strategies. This tool unfolds insights and provides strategic advantages like:

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Industry-specific data provided to better inform your PPC strategy.
  • Focused Efforts: Identify areas of strength or opportunities for improvement.
  • Budget Optimization: Leverage insights for efficient budget allocation.
  • Progress Monitoring: Track your journey with performance rank percentiles.

Shopping Campaign Management - Create and manage e-commerce campaigns in one page

In our ongoing commitment to enhancing e-commerce management, Optmyzr proudly presents the new “Shopping Campaign Management” tool - an all-in-one solution for seamless control and analysis of all shopping and PMax campaigns on a single page.

Navigating the tool is a breeze. Simply locate the “Create new campaign” option and swiftly set up Standard Shopping Campaigns, Optmyzr Smart Campaigns, and PMax Retail Campaigns, both with and without assets.

The real gem lies in Optmyzr’s latest update to this tool. Crafting performance-based Shopping or PMax Campaigns has long been a go-to strategy. In the traditional process, multiple steps were involved, ranging from obtaining product reports to incorporating custom labels in campaigns.

Here’s how the tool’s newest update streamlines this entire process. 

  • Set up rules to split campaigns based on key metrics like conversions, clicks, cost, ROAS, and more. 
  • The system automates product placement and movement across these campaigns as performance evolves, provided you create a refresher automation for them.

This update ensures a more efficient and intuitive approach to crafting and managing performance-driven Shopping and PMax campaigns, offering advertisers a simplified yet powerful tool for navigating the complexities of e-commerce.

Here’s what Byron Trzeciak, Director, PixelRush, had to say about the shopping campaign structuring feature of Optmyzr:

“Segmenting and structuring shopping campaigns by high-performing products (in terms of structuring around the product value and how many sales our products have gotten) - that was an area that the Optmyzr team definitely helped us with.”

Rule Engine - Analyze high and low-performing entities and filter suggestions based on business knowledge

Optmyzr’s Rule Engine, your personalized optimization builder, is now enhanced with novel features. Firstly, the Top/Bottom operators swiftly pinpoint low and high-performing entities, thus enhancing your optimization and analysis processes. Two popular scenarios our customers use this feature for are:

  • Automatically excluding the top 10% of cost-incurred placements with no conversions to save budget wasted on them
  • Generating automated reports on top-performing products in Shopping/PMax campaigns

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Our latest update: the “External List Data” feature, gives you precise control over the entities like search terms, placements, etc. involved in the Rule Engine strategy. Simply input a set of entities based on your business insights, and the system will let you include or exclude them from the strategy. Your optimization journey just became more powerful and nuanced, putting you in the driver’s seat for unparalleled campaign management!

“Rule Engine is certainly one of the amazing sections of Optmyzr because it’s really like your dedicated, highly flexible, and scalable optimization hub where you can automate a lot of very valuable optimizations for your clients with infinite customizations.” - Matthieu Tran-Van, PPC expert and author

Google Analytics 4 - Optmyzr’s got your back with the UA transition!

Responding to Google’s move from Universal Analytics to GA4, Optmyzr has taken proactive steps for a seamless user transition. Embracing this evolution, our dedicated Product Team unveiled a revitalized toolset to maximize GA4’s potential in analyzing your campaigns’ performance.


Within the Reports tool, you can seamlessly blend Google Ads and Analytics insights with new GA4 widgets. You have the option to showcase GA4 performance through the Key Performance Metrics table, track emerging or declining trends in specific segments with the Dimension Trend widget for GA4, and more.

Segment Explorer

Delve into audience segments with the Explore Audience Segments tool, merging GA4 metric insights. Smoothly import all dimensions, metrics, and events into the tool for comprehensive exploration and analysis. 

Are you looking for tips on setting up GA4 in your accounts? Optmyzr’s Town Hall on Google Analytics 4 would be a great starting point; do check it out below!

Elevate your Sponsored Display Campaigns on Amazon with Optmyzr’s latest updates, which offer you unprecedented control and efficiency.

Gain control over campaign traffic with Rule Engine

The popular ‘Product Targets’ section in Rule Engine now seamlessly extends its prowess to Sponsored Display campaigns too! This compatibility allows you to precisely track campaign-generated traffic by targeting relevant product targets/categories, ensuring that your ads resonate with users actively seeking and expressing interest in your advertised product category. 

You can also identify expensive targets to filter out irrelevant traffic and adjust their bids and statuses to optimize ad spend.

Master Audience Targeting

You can now navigate Sponsored Display ads’ audiences effortlessly through Optmyzr’s various tools like Rule Engine, Account Dashboard, and Reports.

Use the Rule Engine to pinpoint underperforming or top-performing audiences, and explore high-traffic audience segments and maximize their ROI with Account Dashboard widgets like “Top Elements." 

Optmyzr ensures your Amazon Ads strategy remains ahead of the curve; so check out our features now!

What’s in store for you in 2024?

Embark on a transformative journey with Optmyzr in 2024! Two major updates to look out for are:

  • ‘Optmyzr for Social’ - A stand-alone platform tailored for managing social campaigns across Meta, LinkedIn, and more platforms. 
  • Advanced features to elevate your budget management that provide precise monitoring across single or multiple accounts. 

The future is here, and it’s fueled by Optmyzr’s commitment to innovation and empowerment. Get ready to conquer 2024 with Optmyzr’s unparalleled tools and capabilities!

Final thoughts

As we continue to explore the boundless possibilities of the features introduced by Optmyzr in 2023, it’s clear that innovation never takes a backseat. From Optmyzr Express streamlining your optimizations to the prowess of Optmyzr Sidekick and its AI-powered insights, the journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Looking ahead to 2024, brace yourself for ‘Optmyzr for Social’ and more advanced budget management options, promising a year filled with unparalleled tools and capabilities.

Ready to take the leap and experience the platform firsthand? Connect with our Sales team now! Schedule a personalized demo, explore these attractive features, and sign up for a no-strings-attached free trial now. Your journey to advertising excellence starts here - empower your strategies, exceed your goals, and conquer the future with Optmyzr!