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Updates To Our Reporting Tools

Reporting Aug 15, 2014

Manas Garg

We just made a few changes to the Custom Report designer based on some popular requests from our customers.

You can now delete unused campaign pickers and date range pickers.

[Delete Campaign And Date Pickers][1]
You can now remove any date range pickers and campaign pickers you’re not using for custom AdWords reports.

We’ll only let you delete pickers that are not used by any reporting widgets, otherwise you’ll get an error like this:

[Error When Deleting A Picker][2]
If a date range picker or campaign picker is needed by a reporting widget, you won’t be allowed to delete it until you remove it from all widgets that use it.

� We Enhanced The Widget Picker

It was sometimes a bit hard to find the right widget to include in reports so we’ve grouped them and are now sorting them alphabetically in each group. To allow us to keep adding new widgets without running out of space, you can now collapse and expand the groups. For those using smaller screens, we added a scroll bar so you’ll always be able to get to any widget, no matter how far down the list it is.

Here’s what the new widget picker looks like:

[AdWords Custom Reports - Widget Picker][3]
We’ve reorganized our reporting widgets to make it easier to find the one you’re looking for.


Manas Garg

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