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Dear WordStream Users, We’ve Got You Covered

Jan 13, 2022

Radhika Shenoy

Content Marketer



If you work in search marketing or PPC, change being the only constant is no cliché; it’s a way of life.

Few changes in recent memory top the news that PPC stalwarts WordStream will sunset their PPC management and optimization tool, WordStream Advisor. Free trials and registrations are longer available to new users, and current subscribers will lose access once the AdWords API is deprecated in April 2022.

WordStream users are now faced with two options – either sign up for managed services with WordStream’s sister brand LOCALiQ, or find a new PPC software provider. The first one isn’t viable for many agencies – it’s like paying someone else to do what you excel at – and the second is challenging for anyone.

We’ve welcomed dozens of former WordStream users to the Optmyzr community, both in recent weeks and throughout the past. With their help, we’ve identified some of the reasons you might want to consider Optmyzr as your next PPC software partner – including functionalities you relied on in WordStream and having a proven onboarding process.

Why Optmyzr Is The Ideal WordStream Replacement

Optmyzr’s PPC optimization and management software has been recognized by customers and awards judges for its track record of helping search marketers stay in control of campaigns, maximize the value of ad spend, and recover time spent on repetitive tasks.

If any of these describe you or your team, Optmyzr might be the right fit for your business:

  • Search marketers who aren’t satisfied with results that are “good enough”
  • Agencies, brands, consultants, or enterprise teams managing multiple ad accounts
  • Responsible for a monthly ad spend of at least $10,000

Growing businesses, marketing generalists seeking high-level PPC recommendations, and anyone managing budgets under five figures should consider our free tool.

Optmyzr Capabilities You Miss(ed) With WordStream

  • Complete support for all major ad types (search, shopping, display) on Google and Microsoft Ads
  • Reporting, budget, and alerts support for Facebook Ads with additional capabilities in development
  • High-level insights and alerts for budget management across all ad platforms
  • Fully customizable reports with automated delivery options
  • Third-party integrations for Zoho, Slack, Zapier, Microsoft Teams, and more

To help you make the right decision, we’ve weighed up the offerings from Optmyzr and WordStream.

Start your 14-day free trial today. No credit card required.

WordStream vs. Optmyzr: Your Favorite Capabilities, Enhanced

We get it – WordStream was a fantastic software provider, and you relied on their array of tools and capabilities. Changing software is always tough, but we’ve made sure that you’ll be able to enjoy the same outcomes.

Here are two of the most popular ones loved by other customers who migrated from WordStream:

20-Minute Work Week & Optmyzr Express

One of the best-loved WordStream functionalities is the 20-Minute Work Week tool. You can replicate any workflows you currently run using Optmyzr Express, which is designed to help you complete key optimizations in minutes.

Optmyzr Express is designed as a to-do list for your PPC accounts, letting you breeze through the most impactful tasks over a cup of coffee (or tea). Using Optmyzr Express is a lot like going through your email every morning, except it’s less stressful to actually make progress.

View all optimizations available under Optmyzr Express, or watch a 2-minute walkthrough of how it works for ad optimization:

Query Stream & Keyword Lasso

Another important tool from WordStream Advisor that’s popular with our customers is Query Stream.

Optmyzr’s solution to help you discover new keyword opportunities is called Keyword Lasso, and it looks at your search terms report to find queries that convert well or have a high click-through rate.

Check out this YouTube playlist to learn about some of our other capabilities to help you optimize keywords and search terms.

WordSteam Users Stop “Pulling Out Their Hair” When They Join Optmyzr

David McElligott from McElligott Digital Marketing LLC is one of several customers who signed up for Optmyzr following the sunset announcement from WordStream. In his words, here’s why he has no regrets:

“We’re definitely liking Optmyzr as a whole thus far; the difference from WordStream feels like night and day. Optmyzr gives me insights faster and easier, and I feel like we can really dive deeper into our client accounts without pulling out our hair.

“I was initially concerned about the leap in price between the two platforms, but since WordStream decided to abandon all its DIY users and only offer their own management, they tied my hands. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. The insights and the time saved are worth the ticket price.”

You Can Do More With Optmyzr, We Can Help

Switching software providers in the middle of active campaigns can be tiresome, but if you decide that Optmyzr is the right replacement for WordStream Advisor, we have a proven system to help new customers feel at home quickly.

Support for Onboarding And Beyond

We know the value of great customer support, which is why our team will be there to help you navigate the transition to our product. With Optmyzr, you’ll always have:

  • Complete control of your ad accounts
  • Dedicated, customized onboarding calls
  • Support and assistance in hours, not days or weeks
  • Stress-free assurance for ongoing API support
  • Ability to integrate any custom business data
  • Contract-free subscription with the option to cancel anytime

Additionally, you’ll get access to our goal-based onboarding guides that show you what tools in Optmyzr to focus on, and product tours and video walkthroughs to reduce the amount of time you need to be comfortable with our tools.

Having already had customers move from WordStream to Optmyzr, we understand the anxieties and requirements of a user who’s making a switch. Some of the first steps include:

Our Product Tour: Setup and Housekeeping playlist will give you an idea of how to:

  • Connect your PPC accounts
  • Manage teams and account access
  • Link and manage your PPC accounts
  • Use the Activity Dashboard

If you still have questions or want to see a demo, write to our support team or drop us a message via our contact form. Like we said, we’ve got your back.