Available as a standalone product or Optmyzr add-on

Scalable, automated, inventory-driven PPC campaigns

Start new campaigns faster, advertise only for available products, and cut out wasted spend with Campaign Automator™.

How It Works

Campaign Automator uses your inventory data to create and manage up-to-date ads.

Connect Data Source

Share your business data with Campaign Automator.

Create Templates

Define custom templates, limits, and rules.

Better Ads, Faster

Campaign Automator keeps your ads updated automatically.

"Rule Engine is certainly one of the amazing sections of Optmyzr because it’s really like your dedicated, highly flexible, and scalable optimization hub where you can automate a lot of very valuable optimizations for your clients with infinite customizations."

Matthieu T.

Google Ads Expert,

Create and update campaigns from your data.

Enjoy all the advantages of automated, inventory-based campaigns.

Select a template to start new campaigns faster.

Make bulk changes in a fraction of the time.

Create unique templates based on any attribute.

Automatically pause/enable ads using any criteria.

Always showcase the right promotions for every geo.

Integrate campaigns with Optmyzr's Rule Engine.

Reclaim manual control whenever you want.

Create flexible reports that showcase performance.

Industry Use Cases

Campaign Automator users report success across verticals and business types.


Connect with your DMS and only advertise in-stock vehicles. Use power functions to make the ads say how many cars of a particular make you have for sale.


Include the lowest price for city pairs in your ads. Show different ads depending on the hotel room type available. Also works for cruises, car rentals, city tours, and attractions.

Home Services

Highlight different promotions in different cities. Take your ads offline when your crews are fully booked and resume them when more work is desired.


Use the merchant feed you already have to create search ads with a higher level of control than DSAs. Never pay for clicks when a product goes out of stock.

Real Estate

Use real estate data to automatically build ads from unique templates that showcase different value propositions. For example, highlight lot size for luxury properties and proximity to restaurants for condos.

Job Boards

Show ads for only the open positions you're currently hiring for. Connect your database of open positions to the Campaign Automator and rest assured that your ads will always be in sync with your job board.

Starts at $249/month

See how Campaign Automator can help you run faster, more accurate inventory campaigns.

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