PPC Insights™

Unlock the stories hidden in your PPC data. See suggested optimizations, and take instant action or revisit your strategy.

Leveraging the Power of Your Data

Don't waste hours pushing the same buttons in spreadsheets. Optmyzr collects data from multiple sources, analyzes it based on industry best practices and the latest AI, and presents you with the most salient findings in seconds.

Some PPC Insights™ You Can Get in Optmyzr

Spend Projection

Get up-to-date forecasts for cumulative as well as daily budget targets.

Quality Score Tracker

See historical Quality Score aggregated at any level you want.

Daypart Analysis

See which days and times are most lucrative in order to optimize your bid strategy.

Search Term N-grams

Get a word cloud of your most popular search terms with CPC and click data, and add expensive ones as negatives.

PPC Investigator

Do a root cause analysis to understand why performance changed.

Geo Heat Map

See which locations your ads perform best in to further optimize your geo-based bid strategy.

Shopping Analysis

See the performance of Shopping campaigns, with breakdown available by any attribute.

PPC Policy & Audits

Establish account benchmarks and run audits to identify gaps that require intervention.

Performance Analysis

Get a side-by-side comparison of two campaigns. Filter and segment by label, device, network, and more.

Exponentially faster than spreadsheets.

Get expert-level insights in a click.

Analyze multiple segments quickly.

Build and customize
data visualization.

"Loads of great tools for every aspect of a Google Ads account. Optmyzr really gets it done with evidence-based recommendations to help you get the most out of the account. I love the fact that the tool was created by a former Google Ads employee who knows his stuff and has a reputation for excellence. There are lots of tools that can do some of what Optmyzr does, but this is the one you want — it is more advanced, and generally just does more."

Eron C.

Sr. Interactive Marketing Specialist, MedStar Health

"By adding Optmyzr to our paid management team, we were able to handle more accounts with bigger spends effectively. We have doubled the total monthly spend under management while keeping the same number of staff. Our team has better visibility to the detail of campaigns, better efficiencies, and more time to focus on how to make the client happier."

Sean C.

COO, Etna Interactive

"I've been using Optmyzr for close to 6 years now and they are always making things better, smarter, and faster. We started getting more e-commerce accounts and with the help of Optmyzr, we're able to create a more granular shopping campaign that allows us to get a much higher ROAS for our clients."

David J.

VP of Paid Media, Constellation Agency