Reporting & Monitoring

Use Optmyzr to monitor the performance of PPC accounts, get instant notifications when accounts need attention, and streamline reporting.

Create compelling reports that sell your case.

Monitor all your accounts from a single dashboard.

Get notified of anomalies before they escalate.

Automate report delivery to free up hours each month.

All Your Critical PPC Data In One Place

Report Generation

Executive Annual Reports

Showcase yearly results to make the case for higher spend or other asks.

Instant Account Summary

Get a quick snapshot of account performance for a date range, or audit by attribute.

Multi-Account Reports

Include multiple data sources in a single report — ad engines, analytics, social media, and more.

Custom Templates

Build, customize, and save templates that you plan to use regularly.

Scheduled Report Delivery

Automate reports to go out weekly, monthly, or at any other interval you set.


Presentation Mode

Present your report as a slideshow. Works great for annual reviews and events.

Interactive Dashboards

Send clients a fully interactive dashboard so they can quickly get answers to their questions.

White Label Features

Add logos to a report while maintaining a generic template that can be used across accounts.

Custom Date Ranges, Metrics & Scope

Use as many absolute or relative date ranges. Mix and match data from accounts/campaigns.

Downloadable PDF

Send reports as an easy-to-consume PDF file. Annotate and schedule delivery right to a client's inbox.


First-Party Data Visualization

Include our proprietary PPC Insights — word clouds, geo heat maps, daypart performance charts, and more.

Custom Charts

Build rich graphs to showcase PPC data. Segment by label, campaign, and other attributes.

Custom Tables

Include tables of any PPC data you can imagine: top ads, queries, keywords, etc.

Google Analytics

Include user data from Google Analytics to explain ad performance, or build a hybrid SEO-PPC report.


MCC Dashboard

All your account metrics on a single page, with comparison data. Include notes, Google Analytics, labels, and more.

Account Health Warnings

See which accounts need attention (red light) and which are healthy (green). Specify overall account goal e.g. leads, and Optmyzr calculates expected KPIs to use as a benchmark.

PPC Investigator

Find accounts performing below expectations and get cause charts to identify potential causes.


Account Anomaly Detector

Get notified when clicks, impressions, cost, or conversions deviate from expected levels for the current time/day.

Landing Page Checker

Pause ads and keywords when they lead to landing pages that are broken or contain predetermined text like "out of stock".

One-Click Emails

Optmyzr warns you via email when there's an issue with an account, and can even help you take automatic action.

"By adding Optmyzr to our paid management team, we were able to handle more accounts with bigger spends effectively. We have doubled the total monthly spend under management while keeping the same number of staff. Our team has better visibility to the detail of campaigns, better efficiencies, and more time to focus on how to make the client happier."

Sean C.

COO, Etna Interactive

"I've been using Optmyzr for close to 6 years now and they are always making things better, smarter, and faster. We started getting more e-commerce accounts and with the help of Optmyzr, we're able to create a more granular shopping campaign that allows us to get a much higher ROAS for our clients."

David J.

VP of Paid Media, Constellation Agency

"Loads of great tools for every aspect of a Google Ads account. Optmyzr really gets it done with evidence-based recommendations to help you get the most out of the account. I love the fact that the tool was created by a former Google Ads employee who knows his stuff and has a reputation for excellence. There are lots of tools that can do some of what Optmyzr does, but this is the one you want — it is more advanced, and generally just does more."

Eron C.

Sr. Interactive Marketing Specialist, MedStar Health

Unique, Customizable Reporting

Include unique data widgets for Quality Score, geographic performance, and hourly performance.

Use relative date ranges for scheduled reports so that they can be automated completely.

Automatically share reports as PDF attachments and interactive links on a flexible schedule.

Include data from multiple Google, Microsoft, and social media accounts in the same report.

Optmyzr ProTips for Reporting

The report designer gives you the option to aggregate data across accounts, campaigns, and labels. PPC data can be represented as charts, tables, heat maps, or word clouds.
Optmyzr's report designer lets you create custom reports to include data from Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Google Analytics. These can be scheduled for hands-off reporting.
Reporting is an essential part of PPC account management but can be time-consuming. By automating weekly and monthly reports, account managers find more time to rethink tactics, optimize accounts, and improve performance.