Anicca boosts ROAS with rule-based bids for energy broker

UK-based digital shop creates major boost to conversions with Optmyzr
Year-on-Year Conversions
Increased Conversion Rate
Increase in Click-Through Rate
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Anicca Digital is an independent digital marketing agency, providing integrated marketing services to some of the UK’s best-known and well-loved brands.


Leicester, UK

The Challenge

Anicca Digital used Google's experiments framework to test the Target ROAS bid strategy and found that none of the campaigns were able to get close to their ROAS targets. They also saw a negative impact on campaigns that were not included in the experiments because high cost per click — resulting from the automated bids set in the experiment — caused their competitors to react and bid higher. This pushed the original campaigns further down in the search results, and a downwards spiral effect was observed with automated bidding.

The Solution

Anicca used Optmyzr's Rule Engine to manage bids to a target ROAS. Instead of putting the tool on full automation, they decided to review all suggested bid changes and manually accept the ones that kept CPC within a reasonable range.

The Result

Anicca observed a significant increase in both their ROAS and conversions via the strategy that they used with Optmyzr. Google ROAS bidding was too crude, and Optmyzr allowed them to put minimum and maximum limits on the bid to prevent it from running away and costing too much.