Bruce Automotive Group gets 10x more clicks, 30% more leads for just over half their original budget

Canadian auto dealer with 8 locations revolutionizes role of their internal marketing agency
Avg. increase in CTR (2% → 20%)
Reduction in total media spend
Avg. increase in quantity of leads


Bruce Auto Group of Nova Scotia, Canada provides new and used vehicle sales for 12 major automotive brands across 8 locations in Canada.


Middleton, Canada

The Challenge

Bruce Auto Group sells new and used vehicles for 12 major brands across 8 locations in Canada. Locally owned and operated, they do significant business across with rapidly changing inventory, particularly among used models. Bruce Auto needed to improve customer experience but could not serve vehicle-specific search ads against specific, high-intent, in-market search queries (local people searching for a specific car to buy). They were previously unable to connect rapidly changing inventory data with search campaigns; data existed in several unconnected places.

The Solution

Daily inventory feeds were collected and cleaned to unify make, year, model, and pricing data. Clean data in Google Sheets then fed into Optmyzr's Campaign Automator solution, where data was combined with dynamic headlines and ad copy for automated ad creation.

The Result

Bruce Auto could now automate the service of fresh, relevant ads for all vehicles in less than one day without daily intervention. With nearly 100% of search ad activity automated, Bruce Auto Group was able to move more of their digital marketing to their in-house agency, MPG marketing. Their own marketing team now focuses largely on strategy vs. day-to-day tasks. Today, Bruce Auto continues to capture a much greater share of one of the largest markets of high-intent search in the world – automotive sales.