Driva grows managed ad spend, account health by automating project management

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Driva is an online vehicle financing platform that allows customers to get personalized interest rates based on their credit profile. They combine AI technology, a credit team of car finance experts, and a commitment to providing the fastest and best customer experience possible.


Sydney, Australia

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The Challenge

Driva operates with a small internal marketing team. They were looking for a way to increase the speed of their routine PPC optimizations while increasing ROAS within the account, automating reporting, and getting data-driven insights not found natively in advertising platforms.

The Solution

Driva selected Optmyzr and uses a variety of tools in the Core product to help them solve the challenge of working with a smaller team:

● Negative Keyword Finder
● Keyword Lasso
● Non-Converting Keywords
● Keyword De-Duper
● Pause Low Quality Score Keywords
● Quality Score Tracker
● Search Terms N-grams
● PPC Investigator
● Instant Reports

These key optimizations are structured under a weekly Account Blueprint that automates tracking and accountability.

Driva has also set up several manual flows in the Rule Engine that are run ad-hoc and assist with overall account performance, such as checking on any decline in the click-through rate of ad copy over time.

The Result

Driva has experienced an improvement to overall account health, with a significant reduction in the number of weekly management hours needed to achieve that lift. Other key outcomes of Driva's implementation of Optmyzr include:


Increase in managed ad spend


Decrease in cost per conversion from key campaigns


Increase in CTR on key campaigns