Eliminate Wasted Spend saves $6000 on irrelevant placements through automated optimizations

Learn how this Tennessee-based agency saves $6000 on irrelevant placements and cuts account management time by half with Optmyzr
reduction in day-to-day account management time
saved on irrelevant placements caught proactively through automated reporting and optimizations


Eliminate Wasted Spend is a family-owned and operated business, and it became a Google Premier Partner in 2023. Specializing in Google Ads, they extend their expertise to managing Microsoft and Facebook campaigns as well, according to their diverse client requirements. The company's core objective, as reflected in its name, is to optimize client budgets by minimizing wasted ad spend. They focus on working with small businesses that have limited budgets, aiming to make every advertising dollar count, whether the client spends 500 or 50,000 dollars per month.


East Tennessee

The Challenge

Ten years ago, when Craig started out, he sought to develop a solution to effectively manage their Google Ads campaigns. When Optmyzr rolled out in the market, they found it promising and a superior alternative to developing their own solution. As their portfolio of managed accounts expanded, they encountered challenges in keeping pace, realizing it was impractical to simultaneously develop a solution and stay updated with Google's advancements while ensuring client satisfaction. Impressed by Optmyzr CEO Fred's experience in the field, they placed their trust in the Optmyzr team to streamline their processes. Their experience with Optmyzr has consistently been positive, enabling them to execute tasks more efficiently, and leading to overall satisfaction with the platform.

The Solution

Eliminate Wasted Spend relies on Optmyzr's custom Rule Engine optimizations, automating them to save both clients' money and their own time, particularly in the placements optimization area. Additionally, they find the newly introduced budget tracking tools invaluable in managing their clients' budgets daily. Optmyzr's Support Team has been instrumental in their experience, consistently assisting them in finding solutions to simplify their day-to-day tasks. They appreciate how Optmyzr's team listens to their needs and develops custom features accordingly, keeping them informed about any updates.

The Result

“Having a centralized solution like Optmyzr has allowed us to cut our management time significantly (at least by half) and that time back allows us to spend more time with our families because we work remotely. It’s also allowed us to increase our clientele and we can provide management services at a lower standpoint because our management solutions are so efficient because we partner with Optmyzr and have been for many years.” - Emillie Eidson, Co-Founder, Eliminate Wasted Spend