Epurple reduces cost per acquisition by an average of 25% with Optmyzr

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Epurple helps its clients achieve online marketing goals by developing targeted strategies, optimizing their websites, and improving ad campaigns.


Nieuwegein, Netherlands

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The Challenge

As an online marketing agency, Epurple is challenged with managing multiple PPC accounts from various industries and getting maximum results. The right strategies call for smart, ongoing optimizations to save costs and increase return on investment. Due to the rapid growth of their customer base, Epurple sought a tool that would help their SEA specialists with optimizations, freeing up time at the strategic level. In 2019, Epurple took up that challenge by partnering with Optmyzr.

The Solution

Optmyzr’s wide range of optimizations made it the clear choice for Epurple. With Optmyzr’s workouts and smart insights, their SEA specialists were able to make quicker decisions. This allowed them to focus more on adjusting bids, A/B testing ad text, adding high-performing search terms, interrupting poorly performing ones, and prioritizing the most profitable campaigns.

The Result

In 2020, Epurple used Optmyzr’s smart automations to achieve a double-digit YoY lift in paid search traffic for less ad spend. They also built complete security for all their accounts using Optmyzr’s Enhanced Scripts for Google Ads. Epurple also enjoyed significant time savings and increased efficiency. With a large portfolio of Google and Microsoft Ads accounts, manual optimizations could be automated, allowing Epurple to deploy campaigns more at a strategic level and give each account equal attention. Automation also led to larger steps like decreasing cost per click and cost per acquisition.


Lift in Paid Search Traffic from 2019–2020


Reduction in Overall Ad Spend


Average Reduction in CPA