Group Twenty Seven turns insights into profits for their clients using Optmyzr's tools

The agency helps businesses achieve superior Google Ads results with the application of time-tested marketing principles and cutting-edge digital strategies.


Group Twenty Seven is a boutique PPC agency and Google Ads Certified Partner that manages online advertising with a focus on ROI and client relationships.


Arlington, Massachusetts

The Challenge

I believe what first got us interested in working with Optmyzr was the need for scripts that are reliable and easy to use. In general, I'm always interested in uncovering ways our team continues to learn and innovate. The right tools can create management efficiencies which are very important.

The Solution

First - Trust. I've been following Frederick Vallaeys, the founder of Optmzyr for years. But what really hooked me was the "sales" process. It didn't really feel like a sales call(s) at all. From day 1, the Optmyzr team is interested in educating us on how to use the tool to its fullest. I had hoped we wouldn't just use one thing but many and that has been happening over time.

The Result

It doesn't seem to be just one thing that Optmyzr is helping us with - because of the various needs or complexities or challenges each account may have the team is gleaning different bits of intel and efficiencies.

Overall, I can tell you that after almost one year, my team does not want to lose Optmyzr as a current tool, they are using it more often as well.