Matthieu Tran-Van sees 10x productivity boost & 28% revenue surge through Optmyzr

Google Ads Expert saves 20 account management hours weekly, cuts CPCs, and boosts revenue through automated optimizations
boost in productivity by “sculpting” traffic to relevant ad groups
revenue increase at the same ROAS through automated optimizations
decrease in CPCs through a Quality Score jump from 4 to 7 by SKAG-ing and pausing low Quality Score keywords
hours saved per client weekly through automated custom strategies
less hours spent on creating DSA campaigns from data feeds


Matthieu Tran-Van, Google Ads Expert and Author of "The Google Ads Strategist's Handbook 2023," combines practical skills with deep Google Ads knowledge. Having taught at renowned business schools, he’s managed accounts comprising a total ad spend of $350M across diverse sectors and continually shares insights with clients via his online training program. Connect with him on LinkedIn here.



The Challenge

Matthieu faced a productivity challenge while managing a massive ad spend across 20 Google Ads clients, prompting him to seek technology to elevate his efficiency. He desired a comprehensive, adaptable tool aligned with the best practices he’s developed over the last 15 years, covering the entire SEA value chain. Optmyzr emerged as the perfect fit, offering a broad spectrum from audits to optimizations, automations, and reporting. Specifically, the Traffic Sculptor and AB Testing for Ads tools resonated with him, solidifying Optmyzr as his preferred platform.

The Solution

Matthieu frequently uses PPC Investigator, Quality Score Tracker, Traffic Sculptor, and Pause Non-Converting Keywords to manage keywords and understand campaign performance shifts. He relies on Optmyzr Express for instant insights and optimizations across multiple accounts, while the Rule Engine helps him scale and automate custom optimizations for them. Additionally, Campaign Automator streamlines DSA campaign creation, and during busy periods, he relies on the robust Alerts system and Shopping Feed Audits to monitor account stats and feed hygiene, proactively preventing campaign issues. Wrapping it up, the Reporting tool helps him generate qualitative reports for multiple clients with a single click, exponentially enhancing productivity.

The Result

“Rule Engine is certainly one of the amazing sections of Optmyzr because it’s really like your dedicated, highly flexible, and scalable optimization hub where you can automate a lot of very valuable optimizations for your clients with infinite customizations.” - Matthieu Tran-Van