Optmyzr Helps Metrik Marketing Deliver Top-Quality Reports and Navigate Pandemic Challenges

Read how this Data-Driven Digital Marketing Agency taps into Optmyzr's AI for timely, data-packed reports that delight their clients.


Metrik Marketing Inc. is a Digital Marketing Agency focused on helping clients stand out online and reach their target audiences.

They work with various clients, including non-profits in industries like tourism, real estate, education, and finance. They mainly deal with lead gen and also handle e-commerce accounts. The agency is led by CEO Kita Eserve, who has a strong math background, ensuring that the team delivers clear, measurable results and keeps clients happy.

Metrik Marketing tailors solutions to help clients get leads from their websites and offline too. They also monitor industry standards, aiming to perform better than average to help their clients outshine their competitors.



The Challenge

Metrik Marketing struggled with the tedious task of manually downloading data to MS Excel and using SQL and other databases to track results and create reports for their clients.

In their search for a better solution, they discovered Optmyzr. They were particularly impressed by Optmyzr's unique ability to connect multiple accounts across different platforms and to integrate multiple plugins for the same platforms, features they found lacking in other tools. This was especially useful for clients with Google Grants accounts, who manage two Google Ads accounts.

Optmyzr’s powerful scripts also stood out. These scripts, which they normally set up during client onboarding, ensure adherence to best practices and provide alerts for anomalies. Convinced by these capabilities, Metrik Marketing chose to subscribe to Optmyzr.

The Solution

Metrik Marketing relies heavily on Optmyzr for both detailed and high-level reporting, curated to both team members and upper management. They use Optmyzr’s Scripts, Alerts, and Quality Score Tracker to ensure their clients' ads are effective and targeted.

Additionally, their reports are boosted by Optmyzr’s AI-powered performance summaries, which are well-received by their clients. Metrik Marketing has also been actively participating in the “Optmyzr for Social” beta for Meta and is pleased with the results. These tools are vital in improving their workflow and maintaining their clients' competitive edge in the industry.

The Result

One of the biggest positive outcomes Metrik Marketing got from using Optmyzr was how well they handled the challenges of the pandemic. Tips from Frederick Vallaeys, the CEO of Optmyzr, in the PPC Town Hall episodes, were especially helpful for them. These strategies helped them quickly adjust to emergencies for their diverse clients and easily return to their pre-2020 strategies after the pandemic.

Optmyzr’s automation tools also made their work much faster and more efficient, saving time and delivering quicker results. The AI-powered summaries in the automated reports have kept their clients very happy.