Optmyzr's strategic alerts trim Morefire's workload by 15% per account

Streamlining account management: How Optmyzr’s tools and customer support transformed an online marketing agency's efficiency
average drop in working hours per account


Morefire, a specialized online marketing agency, drives business growth via SEO, paid advertising, and social media expertise, among others. With a 130-member team, they optimize online visibility, increase web traffic, and maximize client ROI through strategic insights. Operating as a full-service hub, Morefire offers comprehensive solutions across all realms of online marketing and digital strategy.


Cologne, Germany

The Challenge

As Morefire's team grew and more employees worked remotely from different places, they needed a tool to make work easier without compromising quality. They tried many tools and picked Optmyzr because everyone, regardless of their experience, found it easy to use and helpful for different tasks. Optmyzr had features that solved their daily customer needs, analyzed things deeply, and assured quality, so they chose it to tackle their various multifaceted challenges.

The Solution

Morefire relies on Optmyzr's robust Alerts system and scheduled PPC Account Audit reports to catch issues early, maintaining their high account management standards. The Account Dashboard aids with quick account overviews to strategize new collaborations. They also found that tools like "Keyword Lasso" and "Traffic Sculptor" provide opportunities to regain control over accounts where Google limits it. “We see Optmyzr as a valuable addition to our selection of tools and partners. The good and fast customer support is particularly noteworthy, both in the onboarding process and for specific questions on a day-to-day basis.” - Alexander Brück

The Result

Optmyzr has significantly improved Morefire's efficiency across various fronts. They now swiftly onboard and enhance new customer accounts. Unplanned performance analyses have become faster, freeing up time for strategic development and new customers. Intelligent alerts have proactively flagged performance issues, enabling real-time solutions and preventing delayed problem-solving with clients.