PixelRush reduces time spent on recurring tasks by 75% with Optmyzr’s automations

Australia-based agency saves 720 account management hours and notices happier clients
fewer account management hours
of tasks saved every day
of dollars saved on non-converting search term combinations
fewer hours spent on creating structured shopping campaigns


PixelRush is a performance digital marketing agency specializing in law firm marketing delivering qualified and profitable leads to their clients. Their core services are performance websites, Google Ads & SEO.


Melbourne, Australia

The Challenge

PixelRush needed help with managing PPC budget management and ad positioning, while simultaneously ensuring client satisfaction. As they grew, the workload increased, and they wanted a tool to proactively identify issues before clients noticed. The tools that they tried before Optmyzr required them to troubleshoot often. But when they came across Optmyzr, especially Optmyzr’s Root Cause Analysis, they were impressed and wanted to give the platform a try.

The Solution

PixelRush has been using ‘First Page Bridger’ and ‘Quality Score Tracker’, for the past few months, to manage keyword bids and monitor quality scores effectively. Additionally, they found the ‘Search Terms N-Grams’ tool valuable for analyzing spending on single-word or two-word combinations that haven't generated conversions. In the realm of e-commerce, PixelRush relies on ‘Shopping Feed Audits’ to maintain feed quality and ‘Shopping Campaign Management’ for efficiently creating and aligning shopping campaigns with changes in the merchant feed.

The Result

“We’ve been growing and scaling with this tool and if it can help us to hire less individuals and still have a high quality of service, it definitely helps us to be more profitable. It helps our staff have more quality of life too in terms of being more efficient on a day-to-day basis.” - Byron Trzeciak, Director, PixelRush